Monday, August 30, 2010

Handsome kid!

Jackson turned 5 years old today. He is growing up too fast! Jack makes me laugh (and cry!) everyday. He is a handful, but is the sweetest out of all of them. When one of his siblings is sad, he ALWAYS helps them out. Even if it means giving them his treat, his chair, or his toys- saying they can keep his toys. He has turned into a fast eater; he use to take f o r e v e r to eat a meal. He loves being read books. He loves riding his bike ang playing with friends.
Jackson likes to be just his Dad...

Awww, how I love this smile!

The new bike was a huge hit! Phew!!

Taylor doing the annual "measuring." It's a Rucker tradition! He's grown 2" in the last year.

He puckers up SO big to give out those kisses! Jackson is a perfect fit in our family; I'm so lucky to have him!! Love ya, buddy!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I can't believe I did it!!

I totally ran a half marathon last night! Believe it! 13.1 miles, baby!! It was called the Mapleton Midnight Marathon and everyone was suppose to end the race at midnight. We started a little bit early in hopes to get home a little earlier, didn't quite work out that way. Somehow I still walked in the door at 1:20 am.
The first half wasn't very well lit (ok, it wasn't lit at ALL) and once we made it thru "rape alley" it got much better.

Here we are all decked out and ready to run! The weather yesterday was H O R R I B L E. Somehow we lucked out and only got sprinkled on with some wind during the whole race. We ditched the long sleeves after 1 mile and I'm SO glad I didn't wear pants.

About to cross the finish line..

We didn't get timed at all, and my phone died around mile 6.... So our time was right around 2:30. We started running about 8:50 pm and finished a few minutes before 11:21 pm. It took us a few minutes to catch our breaths before our photo shoot. Maggie's husband made the trek and we appreciated the love when we finished.

Dude, this place had a buffet when got done. I ate SO much and wished I would throw up. Pizza, chocolate cake, chocolate milk, then usual fruits and water.

Maggie, I hope you learned your lesson and won't leave your camera with Layna and I next time! I'm only offended you didn't post my 'sexy' face!!

Overall, it was a great experience! We kinda took it slow and enjoyed the whole thing with our awesome conversation. I want to run another one soon and really push myself to see what my time could be! I'm retarded, I know... I'm just really competitive with myself!!

To put it in perspective for you, we've only been running for 3.5 months. I didn't start out being a runner. The longest I ran before I met up with these girls was 1.5 miles; and that was hell! We started off slow with small goals along the way and we SO ran a half marathon last night!! Ok, I've never been over weight and I am pretty athletic naturally, BUT, I honestly feel like if I can do this, anyone can! I can't wait for my next half!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Archery 2010

Taylor went up on the mountain Wednesday night with Jed. Taylor didn't have an archery tag, but 'had' to do support his brother. After multiple texts of excitement that Jed was sneeking closer up on the deer, Taylor proudly informed me that "it was down." I couldn't be happier for selfish reasons, that I'll see lots more of my husband in the next few weeks. Apparently, it looks like this deer will make the Pope and Young books. How cool is that?! Good job, Jed!! As grouchy as I can be about hunting season, I'll glad it's something Taylor can do and has a best friend to go with him. One of these years, us two wives want to go up there with them. We're just afraid that we'll be SO much fun so they'll require up on the mountain every year!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st grade!

Here is my big first grader! It was interesting having her gone all day. I think I took her helpfulness for-granted and I learned 3 kids at the store is NOT easier than 4. 2 more weeks till preschool starts and then I should be singing a different tune. :) I think it will be harder than I want to admit to have her gone so long everyday. She always has good conversations!

Oh, the drama of what to wear! Silly girls.... and it's only gonna get worse! Somehow she managed to decide on her butterfly shirt. Maybe it was the sparkles that won her over. She LOVED 1st grade and Mrs. C is super nice. She loved eating lunch at school and woke me up early this morning to get it packed. (hopefully she'll always remember, it will take me a while to get use to that change) She was amazed that she got 2 recesses!! She got to sit by 2 boys too. Lucky girl! I sure love this girl; she is growing up to be a beautiful person.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday! We hope you're enjoying your day; ours started off on the right foot!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taylor just got the best news, probably of his life. (I knew the phone call was coming; hence the camera!) There is a long story involved, but.... he and his brother, Jed, got tickets to a Colts game!! It is at Denver, at the end of September. On the 20th row. Did you hear my heart skip a beat?? I'm so jealous I'm not going, but I'm not sure there is anything better than seeing your sweetheart SO happy. A week before the game he will be in Wyoming on his first out-of-state hunt. Taylor made the comment that this will be the best two weeks of his life. And yes, I pointed out that he won't see me at all for those two weeks. Coincidence?!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alpine Days!

This year for Alpine Days we camped out in my in-laws backyard with lots of the family. I was a little skeptical, but everyone fall asleep fast. It's some good memories listening to my father-in-law playing the guitar while it's pitch black outside. Awww, it was fun! Tay and I slept under the stars while all 4 kids were in the tent. It worked great!! We woke up to donughts, chocolate milk, and fruit; can life get any better than that?! Here's some pictures from our adventure last weekend.

She is starting to look SO grown up. I'm not sure I'm ready for that!!

It is the one parade I can drag my husband to. I love taking the kids to parades. It's so fun seeing their faces light up!

It is possible to get a little worn out from all the fun!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Our good friends, the Browns, were up making a super short visit and we were graced with their presence! Even though we don't see them very often now, everything is right back to normal when we do. The kids loved sleeping in the family room with their friends and I loved the constant adult conversation! We can't get enough of those Browns and are counting down till they move back into the neighborhood!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday was a BIG day in our house, not only were Taylor and I both able to fit in our "skinny" jeans but Kenadee finally lost a tooth! She has been waiting, rather patiently, for this day to come. While we were at the store she showed me how wiggly it was and when Taylor come home from work, he told her that he'd never seen a tooth that wiggly without it falling out. So, with a little help from Dad, the baby tooth got evicted.

And if that wasn't enough, she can read chapter books ALL by herself!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My life

These kids are my life. I wake up to their sweet voices and get the best kisses when they get tucked in. Here are some pictures of their unique personalities.

This is the look when Fisher misses a shot. On this particular day, he was throwing a weed into the bucket... and missed.

Then, there are his angel eyes. I honestly can't get enough of his freckles.

As much as this little girl loves to eat, I'd think she'd be bigger than 17#. LOVE those cheeks!!


Yep, you're four. Good job, dude!!

Here are pictures of both the girls. It shows how really similar they are. People tell almost on a daily basis, how much Kolbi reminds them of Kenadee. Yes, very similar!!

I hope these kids realize how much I love them. I doubt my abilities of being a good mother almost everyday, but I sure do love all my babies! They make my life much more pleasant!