Monday, June 28, 2010

Here are our summer adventures so far.
Kolbi has had lots of dr. appts lately. I tried to distract the other kids at the office by taking pictures. It worked for a little while. I took Kolbi in again to get some blood drawn; I'm crossing my fingers that her white blood cell count comes back normal...

I went with a friend and took all the kids to Seven Peaks. Thank goodness it was free cause I'm not sure it was worth it! Lots of crying and tears. We all left exhausted!

The kids walked in the parade Friday night. It was crazy warm! Then we were mean parents and didn't take them Saturday to watch the full parade.

The kids had their first slumber party with our good friends, the Brown, who came to visit for a day. It was a late night for everyone, but oh so worth it! We sure miss them!!

Taylor installed some swings off our deck. It was a perfect solution! We can just unhook them when we want them down, we saved a lot of money, and we don't have to move a swing set in order to mow the lawn.

Kolbi looking at the Sunday ads.

My sweet husband got a new calling in church. One stipulation that the St. Presidnet requested, was to be shaved clean. So get use to seeing this smooth baby face!

Here is Taylor's youngest sibling, Sam, playing with Jackson. I can see a lot simularities with these two.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I did it!!

I crossed off one goal this morning... I ran my 5k! It's almost embarrassing how proud of myself I am. My husband and kids woke up early to cheer us on and that made it even more exciting. I was pretty nervous because it's a "race" but I'm a S L O W runner. I had a time in mind that I wanted to get, but really my only goal was to run without stopping.

These are my running buds. Me, Maggie, and Layna!

Coming up to the finish line. See the girl behind us in the pink shirt? That is Julie. She is in our ward and is a marathon runner. There was also a 10k run that was the same route as the 5k just x2. The 10k started 15 minutes after ours and Julie is lapping us at the finish line. Totally inspiring!!

Wow, that time is kinda embarrassing. I'm surprised I'm even posting it. But we ran it without stopping. One of these days, I'll work on improving my time. In the meantime, I am totally proud!! I've only ran right around house, which is completely flat. This race was pretty hilly; good experience!

They had refreshments after and they tasted SO good. Here we are super sexy; all sweaty and all!

Here is me and my support group. It meant the world to me to have them there. Taylor was so proud of me! That is a great feeling!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pin Cushion Baby

Yesterday was another bad day! Kolbi didn't sleep during the night and that is never the way to start off a day. She woke up grouchy, again. Taylor called one ear, nose, and throat specialist while I called another. The one Taylor called was out of town and would have someone call us back later to schedule an appt. The one I called couldn't get her in until Aug 4th! For real?? Who waits that long?? Kolbi has been SO uncomfortable (and you can't even console her) so there is NO WAY this new medication was working. We were even alternating Motrin and Tylenol to keep meds in her without overdosing her. In the meantime, we decide to take her back to the pediatrician. 3 times in two weeks. And Fisher went in once too.
She wasn't fevering this time, so they could do her 9 month well visit exam at the same time. Comes to it, that she is up-to-date on her vaccines and didn't need any this time. Dr. Mower gave her a shot of antibiotics, which I guess is a weeks worth of new meds. I'm wondering why we don't do that everytime. It's not an extra prescription to pick up at a pharmacy, our insurance will cover it 100%, and I'm not fighting Kolbi to take medicine twice a day. Then they did a heal prick to check something... and that showed that she is pretty anemic. Especially for a bottle fed baby, that is really rare. So.... then we needed to get her blood drawn for a more accurate test if she really is anemic. Thank goodness Taylor was able to take a half day off. It would have been bad news if I was alone here. Taylor took the baby, and I the big kids, when the Dr. was doing the visit, then we traded for the blood work. Around this time, the other specialist called back and she can see her on July 14. Fine. I guess that is good enough.
Kolbi has a set of lungs on her. I've always said she was the louded of my kids. I warned the ladies in the blood drawn area, so they closed the door. Even them holding her arm to check for vains was a nightmare. Bloody murder screams. They pricked one arm and chouldn't get any blood. Pricked the other arm, and nothing. After 15 minutes of her screaming and nothing from her arms, they decided to to prick her heal and get drops of blood that way. Hopefully they were able to get enough so we don't have to go thru that again.
It was horrible holding her down. She kept looking up at me with the saddest eyes and wanting me to snuggle her and make the ladies stop. I might have cried. That was a hard day. I was emotional wiped out. I think she's feeling a little better. Hopefully it's up hill from here.
I've been struggling lately. My baby needs so much attentions, yet my other kids need me to. I can't do everything for everyone, all the time. I've felt like I can't keep up with household duties either. Yet, I want some me time. Taylor emailed me this video yesterday. I might have cried even more watching it. It is awesome! I had such good feelings watching it and thought maybe someone else could use a pick me up too. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Day!

This morning didn't go quite as planned. Fisher woke up at 5:50 am. Even without having a nap yesterday. He went to sleep about 8:45 pm. THIS early is abnormal, but he always wakes up between 6:15-6:30. I put curtains up their room; it's pitch black in there, and he still wakes up crazy early! ANY other suggestions?? I'll try anything!!

Anyways, gifts went well as did breakfast. Church is another story. I know that everyone has bad Sacraments meetings, today was our low of lows. Kolbi cried the entire time. Boys would not stop fighting. At least Kena was an angel! I give Kolbi her bottle early, trying to keep her quite. She drinks about two ounces and pushes it away. Then throws up those two ounces on me and starts crying again. I decided that enough was enough. What's the point of hanging in there and making it thru church when it's only getting worse and worse?! I leave with the 3 youngest. Naps it is!

So, my husband basically got the shaft so far this Father's Day. He's stuck subing in Fisher's nursery; without Fish. He has himself grouchy kids which makes a grouchy wife! Maybe we can make it up him tomorrow...

I totally can't take credit for the cute hamburger and fries. As much as I want to, I'd feel guilty. (Yes, I have a heart) My cute and talented friends Layna and Maggie made those, and there happen to be a leftover. Lucky us! It is made of cupcake for the buns, and brownie as the burger, then sugar cookies as the fries. Isn't it cute?!
The kids enjoyed crossing something off our summer list and making Dad's crafts. Taylor was cute and wore his "King for the Day" crown all morning. I'm gonna warn you, this new Colts shirt might be the only thing Taylor wears for a while.

Even though this morning was basically a disaster, I hope Taylor still knows how much we love and appreciate what a good person he is! He has enriched all of our lives!! Love you, babe!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lots to talk about!

I feel so far behind lately. I guess it's because I'm actually doing stuff with/for my kids. I'm not home crafting or cleaning. Which both of these things need to get done desperately! We've been doing lots of little things lately. Nothing huge, but definitely enjoying summer!

I made my first pair of baby legs. (as I mention I haven't been crafting much...)

We've gone over to a neighbor's house a few times and jumped on their tramp with the sprinkler on. It's a win-win for everyone because I get some adult conversation with my running buddies. (PS: I totally ran 4.4 miles today. Straight. And alone. I need new shoes, I got a blister today. I know that's not much for a lot of people, but I am super proud of myself!! Two weeks ago the farthest I have ever ran was 1.5, so I am improving and getting closer to my goals! Yay me!)

We ate dinner outside a few days ago, and Kolbi pulled herself up to Taylor. Her smile was priceless. I learned that my baby loves corn on the cob.

I met my friend at the dollar theater this week. 6 kids between us two Moms. There were a couple of rough spots with my two girls, but overall went really well and we'll do it again.

I finally took the kids to the splash park! (and learned how poor I am at applying sunscreen. Half of Fish's back got burned...oops!)

Here's what I got in my Bountiful Basket today. A GREAT week!! The favorite is for sure the cherries. My kids want to eat the whole bag today. Go to to see if your area participates in one. The next Saturday where Taylor doesn't have to work I think I'll take Kenadee and go volunteer there. It's not looking promising it will happen soon though.

This poor baby girl has had double ear infections for about 4 straight weeks. After weeks of wondering if it was her teeth, is she a mommy's girl, we took her in on the 7th and finally got her a prescription. Took that for one week. She seemed better, not 100% but decent. Then on the 17th she wasn't acting herself; pretty grouchy and snuggly. I thought it was kinda cute, notice my happy face.

Then yesterday, she woke up from her nap on fire and crazy grouchy. Totally lethargic. Thank goodness for after hour clinics. It feels like I just said that... She had a temp of 103 with Tylenol and some VERY red eardrums. It's awesome when your baby gets a tolerance for amoxicillian. My Dr. is really conservitive and seems to be against babies getting tubes. But you better believe after these weeks of ear infections (and having one burst a few months ago) I am making a phone call to have a specialist see her. She's miserable and I feel so bad for her.

Here we are at the clinic last night. Notice the non-happy face now.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A First For Fish!!

I learned a lesson a few days ago.... NEVER put my boys in a time-out, in the same room. BIG mistake.
Here's the story:
I brought up a few new toys for Kolbi that have been in storage. The boys had been fighting over them all day and were at it again at about 6pm. I told them both that they were done and to go your time-out. Normally this means in a corner, but they both interpreted it to mean, "Go to your room." Fisher goes in the room and closes the door. Jackson, who is already crying and throwing a fit about the time-out, gets more histerical that his brother closes the door at him. I tell him,"Open the door then." He does and within 30 seconds of Jackson slamming the door, we hear a thud-thud. Taylor goes in the boys' room to find Fisher screaming histerically. I trail in to see what's going on and find blood dripping down the back of Fish's head and pooling around his shirt. I gasp and take Fish out of the room to find some wetwipes. It was only a short cut, but pretty deep.

I guess the only logical thing for a 4 year old to get back at his brother for closing the door in his face and hogging the baby toys, is to throw a chair at him.

Thank goodness for husbands! And after-hour clinics! Taylor humored me and took some pictures of Fisher getting his first 2 stitches. Fisher did great and held really still. "They hold my ears, Mom!" I guess the male nurse was teasing him a little to get him to relax, and Fish turns to him and says, "You a funny guy!!"

I guess the moral of the story is to give time-outs in the corners!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9 months old today!

Here are some of the cute faces of my baby. I can't believe she is already 9 months old. I love this age! She is always so happy (now that her ears are feeling better!). She loves to eat anything and begs you to share. She army crawls all the place, following me from room to room. She laughs at me, which I love! I am pretty funny!! She has been the biggest joy and addition to our family. We love you, Kolbi kolbster!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here is our summer plans! Let the fun begin!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing too crazy around here!

Nothing says summer like sprinklers and popcicles.

Super heros to the rescue!

We washed the car the other day and had lots of helping hands. Yes, even the neighbor kids are doing my work for me!

My sweet girlies! LOVE them!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

This beautiful blue eyed girl has been sick lately. I finally took her in today after having a fever all day yesterday. She has double ear infections. Now I feel like a bad mom. She's been grouchy for weeks. I thought it was because she was getting her two bottom teeth. Then after those came in and she was still whiney, I thought she was just a mommy's girl and wanted me to hold her all day. But in reality, she is in lots of pain. Oh, how bad I feel now!!

On another, and completely random note... it has been one year since I've been making my own bread. I love the smell of it fresh out of the oven. I have an awesome recipe that is, start to finish, only ONE hour. Yes, it mixes, raises, and bakes in ONE hour!! It makes delishious rolls, hotdog buns, pizza crust, scones, cinammon rolls.... YUMMY!!