Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kolbi has been a rolling machine today. A few minutes before I took this picture she was in front of the entertainment center (the black thing in the corner of the picture). I took this picture then ran out to the mailbox.
When I came back in the house, she was pinned up against the wall and was mad that she couldn't keep rolling. I would have loved to see her in motion, but so it goes. And don't ask about the pull-up she's laying on. I'm not sure why it wasn't put away. It is clean though. Promise!

These little faces have been kinda grouchy lately! Not TOO bad, but extra whiney. But whiney and all, I love them!!
On Sunday we went up to the Woodruff's house for Grandma's birthday and an Easter egg hunt. They do this every year for all the great grand kids and mine were especially excited!!

Man, that is a big family. I kind of get used to having lots of kids, but then when you step back and look at the picture.... wow, that is a lot of heads in a young family!
While up at the Easter egg hunt, Fisher found a basketball and couldn't resist playing catch with Tay's cousins, Colton and Woody. Sorry Woody, you must not have made the cut with the camera.

Yes, I know most of you could care less with my couponing. But I wanted to document another great day at Target.
-2 pillows for the boys (it was embarrassing how bad they needed new ones!)
-8 cans of cream of chicken soup
-4 stovetop stuffing
-3 trial size clean and clear face wash
-3 Monopoly card games
-2 kids bandaids
-4 cream cheese
-1 bag of diapers (can't wait till I don't have to buy these!!!!)
-Bob-it game
-Hungry Hungry Hippo game
-Connect 4x4 game
-Princess and the Frog dvd
-Curious George 2 dvd
-shirt and baby legs for Kolbi

Other than Kolbi's clothes, I had coupons for everything. Before coupons my total was $115. I got nervous at this point thinking I was spending WAY TOO MUCH!!! After coupons and gift cards from a previous purchase..... $31.65!! Whew! Plus, I'll get a rebate for $5 back, for each movie. I love shopping trip like this!! (just don't tell my kids about the movies or games)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We have an extra piece of carpet for when you walk in from the garage, that we use as a rug. Fisher decided it looked like a nice bed!

Kolbi had her 6 month appointment this week and weighed 16.5 pounds. I'm thinking half of her weight is these cheeks alone. I love her chub!

Jackson wanted to help feed Kolbi. I love that his mouth is open too. Big helper!

Let's end on a good note! Taylor's little brother, Sam, had his Eagle Court of Honor a few weeks ago. Here is the "Eagle's Nest." Isn't my husband a sweet heart?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snip, snip!!

Well, I finally busted out the scissors and snipped Kolbi's mullet today. It has been long over due. Kenadee helped with the pictures and Kolbi's hair is MUCH better now!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poor little Fishbone didn't get a nap and fell asleep watching a movie. He is a sweet boy!

The last few days have been beautiful here! Lots of sunshine. Lots of smiles at our house. We've gotten to enjoy a few days out in the yard and at the park with no jackets! We probably should have had jackets on, but everyone wanted to take advantage of the wonderful feeling of the sun on your skin. I can't wait for summer! This winter has seemed to last forever!!!

Ya, I'm a day late, but Happy St. Patty's day. I had to include a picture of everyone in my most favorite color!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My sweet baby is 6 months old today! It really is hard to believe we're half way thru her first year!! Kolbi is as sweet as they come! She loves to smile and will flash anyone that precious gummy smile. She has a very long tongue. Almost freaky long. Whenever she sees her Daddy, her tongue goes straight out. Kolbi LOVES sweet potatoes. She must get that from me, opposite of Taylor! I have started the weaning process and she finally takes her bottle well. Oh, I LOVE this girl so much. I love watching her grow and start to delevop her personality more and more. I love holding her and seeing her sweet smile every morning when I wake up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am legitimately happy. I don't feel like I've been able to say that for a long time. Not because of someone else, either. Just because of myself. Ya, I've struggled with some postpartum depression lately and since starting some medication, my mood has improved drastically. Don't get me wrong. It's not a miracle pill. You still have highs and lows, just not LOWS like I use to have. I can fall asleep now, instead of staying awake trying to figure out how we're going to pack our car with our large family for our trip to St. George next month.

I have been SO blessed. My husband in amazing!! No, he doesn't do dishes or massage my back everyday (even though I did get a massage last night!) He is equally amazing in other ways. He is so sensitive to my feelings and desires. He is very loving and thinks I'm sexy, even after 4 kids. He makes daily sacrifices for the well being of our family. Taylor is almost always positive and content; not because he feels like he has to be, just because that is the type of person he truly is. He is a good person.

The more I pay attention to life on the outside of my house, the more I realize how lucky I am. Is it luck? Maybe some. Am I blessed? Probably more of that. Also though... I think it is something Taylor and I have worked for. Life hasn't been bliss forever. (It hasn't been horrible ever, either) But it has been work. On a daily basis.

Marriage is a complicated thing. Finding the balance of when to care about yourself and your own feelings and when to care 100% about someone else. It's hard to find that balance. I'm not exactly sure how Taylor and I found it, to be honest. We are a team. We always have been. When it comes to raising our kids, and when it is only us. We are on the same page. We want the same things. In the long run and short term. He really is my best friend.

I do think a lot of it is being blessed. There is NO way I could be this happy and at peace, if it wasn't for our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have about the gospel and for the Lord's hand in my daily life. I KNOW it makes a big difference to have Him in your life. Let Him in.

I don't want this to come across like life is easy and always perfect in our house. It isn't. We have our disagreements. Not very often, but we do. And when we do, we are respectful of each other's feelings and the miscommunication/disagreement is settled rather quickly. We respect one another in every aspect of the word. The bigger arguments we've had, have brought us closer together as a team, not separated us as individuals. I can't imagine loving my husband more than I already do, yet I know in the years to come our life will be even better than it is right now.

Taylor took the kids to get donuts over the weekend. And as kids go, they picked the ones that were as big as their heads. I think the kids prefer this donut shop compared to the one I took them to a few weeks ago.

Games on a cold, windy day.

The kids got into the Halloween costumes the other day. Yes, Fisher is wearing Kolbi's future "love bug" costume. Isn't he pretty?!

Fisher, Kolbi, and I laid here on the ground for a while this morning just giggling. It was fun! I love my kids. They are such a joy to be around.

So whether it's luck, blessings, or work, I am HAPPY!! I love my life!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Update

On Super Bowl Sunday, I stayed home with sick kids. So this is how we partied. Even though I missed out, it was kinda fun on the huge screen!!
Taylor and I were on the bed talking one afternoon and he said that I looked really pretty and grabbed the camera. I feel kinda silly having a solo shot of me, but this IS my blog, so there. I definitely look better with my hair and makeup done, but this is the beauty Taylor wakes up to everyday! Isn't he lucky?!
Not much needs to be said. She's just a doll. I can't seem to give her enough snuggles or kisses.
One boring day I learned that almost our whole family could fit in our pantry.

Funny story about Fisher. He keeps waking me up in the night to go to the bathroom. He stays dry all night, and yes, for that I am grateful. However I would LOVE a full night worth of sleep. He hasn't quite mastered pulling his pants up, and so I've been working on that with him in hopes that he'll take care of business by himself in the night. He gets frustrated because it's hard and just wants me to do it. Well, on this particular day, he was being very stubborn (he hadn't taken a nap) and wouldn't do it himself. I put Fish in his room until he chose to pull his pants up. After a few minutes he stopped crying so I peeked on him and this is how I found him:
Any Twilight fans!?! Yes, her shirt says "imprinted" and I LOVE it!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Wannabe's

Our friends invited us to go ice skating with them last night. Taylor and I have been once, probably about 5 years ago. After watching the Olympics, the kids were really excited to go out and skate like they'd seen on t.v. Not so much. They could hardly stand... on the cement. Then put them on the ice and it was quite the show! They kept trying to walk, instead of "glide." SO FUNNY!! It didn't take long for employees to ask us to remove the stroller; which actually was great because it gave us an excuse to rest our backs from leaning over with the kiddos.

The one group shot

Kenadee somewhat got the hang of it. She kept venturing out on her own and would walk along the perimeter, holding on to the side of the wall.

Zaden and Fish are about 1 month apart in age. It was cute to watch them try to communicate and interact. So sweet. Fisher loved ice skating. He kept sticking his hands out (when one of us would return from someone else's turn) and shout, "MY TURN!!"

Thanks for the invite, Clint and Jayna!!!