Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Zoo Adventure!

The last Wednesday of the month, during the winter months, is a free day at the zoo. We go every year and the kids were super excited. So we braved the cold weather, bundled up, and headed out. I was nervous taking all 4 kids alone, but decided if we only stayed 30 minutes, at least I tried to do something fun for them.

It turned out to be so much fun! I was able to give them all my attention and no one seemed to even notice the cold. I've had a couple of really bad days lately and this time together was the perfect medicine! (I NEVER would have guessed!!) As much as I complain, I really do love my kids. It's SO hard to have so many young kids, but they bring me so much joy!!!

Isn't she pretty?!

The shot of me. We really enjoyed the baby giraffe and elephant! They were so cute!!

Kolbi was awake the entire time, but sat here like this. It wasn't until we got in the car, I got her out of her car seat to feed her, and noticed that she pooped thru her clothes. Of course I didn't bring an extra set.

Um... Jackson is being the baby. Don't ask! I'm still not use to how boys think.
It did start snowing at the end, so we rushed the last few animals. Overall, an amazing day!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our recent happenings

Kolbi started rice cereal. Look at her. She was melting away to skin and bones. She needed more food.

My good friend, Gwen, is moving in a week. I'm so sad about it! I've relied on her for many things. She is the one I call when I'm in a pinch (she's slept a few nights on my couch during labor) and we exchange kids during the week to get some much needed (and deserved!) alone time. Our girls are almost exactly the same age and the boys play really well together too. It's going to be hard to have her gone. We've been friends basically since we moved here. Their move will be temporary and harder on them, but of course I'm throwing myself a pity party.

We took the kids yesterday to a new "play place" in a fast food restaurant. They had a blast! There was a smaller kid area then completely seperated, but literally on top of it, was part of the bigger area with slides etc. The door to the smaller area was closer to the enterance so the kids bolted inside it. After litterally 10 seconds and two times down the "slide" that is half of Kenadee's height, she turns to us and asks, "How do I get up there??" The attitude in her voice was the best part. She was so confused and was thinking "I was so excited to come here. I want to play on the big kid toys! Why can't I get to that cool slide?" It kept Taylor and I laughing all night!

I dislike winter for many reasons. All the germs and sickness is huge reason. Someone in our house has been sick for 2.5 weeks straight. (Hence not many pictures) Most of the time it's been more than just a cough and we've been house bound. Sick husbands are the worst. Super Bowl Sunday I took Kolbi to the InstaCare. She had ruptured her eardrum and might have had RSV. The dr. didn't test her for it but told me over and over that he was "very worried about her breathing." He told me to keep an eye on her and rush her to the ER if her breathing gets any worse. Luckily, within a day she improved a little, and lessened my stress level. She is still congested, but way better. You always feel bad when your kids get sick, but I felt so bad for Kolbi. She just whined and wanted to be held. She didn't play or smile. I'm so ready for a kid-less vacation!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks Annie for letting us borrow your Bumbo! It's so fun to have Kolbi sit on the counter while I'm making dinner. She loves to see everyone in action. In the last picture she was in the fort with her sister while I was exercising, and apparently she got sleepy.
She has a little cold right now, poor baby! She sounds like a man when she coughs or cries. Her voice is so low! It's kinda funny to hear her, but it makes you feel bad too!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Big Game!

I'll make this story as short as I can, but with just enough details that I'll remember it years from now.

Anyone that knows us, knows we are huge Colts fans. Ellen Degeneres gives away Super Bowl tickets every year. A few weeks before the Colts even won their divisional game, I told Taylor, "This is our year! It'll happen this year! They'll make the Super Bowl and we'll win Ellen's tickets." Fast forward these few weeks... I email Ellen and send in a few pictures of our family. I tell her about Jackson's helmet 4 years ago, our annual family pictures in our gear... blah blah blah. Well, I get a phone call over the weekend from someone at Ellen's show. She starts out asking random questions about the show. (how long I've watched it, what are my favorite parts...) Then asked about my family. (everyone's names and ages) Then she moves onto football. She asks about the helmet, how my husband would respond if there was just one Super Bowl ticket, if I'd be able to drop everything and leave for 5-6 days. She asked if I have lots of energy. For the last thing she wants to role play if it was Ellen on the phone. She says
she likes me and will pass me on to her supervisor.

They tape their shows, then air them the next day. In the show that airs today, Ellen calls someone about Super Bowl tickets. I was crazy anxious all day yesterday, hoping to get a phone call. My stomach would drop every time my phone would ring, but no one from the Ellen show. Ellen grew up in New Orleans and is a big Saints fan so she probably gave them to someone who experienced "Katrina."
I'm bummed, to say the least. I realized when I wrote in, that chances are good it wouldn't be me. But once I got that call, I got my hopes up pretty high. The power of positive thinking didn't work for me this week. It's hard to not get excited. I was never planning on being there, just very hopeful. Hoping to see Peyton!!

So I won't be in sunny Miami at the Big Game this weekend. I'll be watching at my in-laws cheering extra loud. It makes me want the the Colts to win even more. GO COLTS!!!!!