Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving!

An annual Black Friday picture. This is while in line at Target. Yes, I go every year... and LOVE it. I dream about it. I'm honestly not sure why I am so excited for it every year. I hate crowds. I hate crazy people. I am never after a big ticket item; I go for the more affordable items! But still, I HAVE to go every year!! My body gives me no choice. These are some of Taylor's aunts and cousins. His sisters and Mom were fighting the bigger crowd over at Walmart. UGH!!!

Later that day, after naps, we set up Christmas. It was quite enjoyable even though Taylor missed out. (he was at work) He probably wouldn't say he "missed" it. He's kind of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas. Fisher got to do the star this year and loved it. I might be a little OCD and fixed the ornaments after the kids went to bed! I'm such a nerd!!

Thanksgiving was at the Beck's house this year. Lots of Dave's family was able to come over as well. It was excellent, as always! I wish it lasted for more than one meal; it is SO yummy!! I tend to take almost everything for granted. Our family has been blessed with another healthy and happy year!!

Here are the turkey carvers... they did an awesome job too.

Some of my wild in-laws. Oh, I sure love them all! They make me smile!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here's what we've been up to lately...

Everyone is on the mend though. Some slight coughs still, but I'll take it.

With all the sickness, we've had plenty of movie marathons. It has been a really long week and a half!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Papa Rucker Fun!

Wow, I've been slacking lately on my blog. My Dad came to visit, I won't say how long ago. The kids loved playing games and riding bikes with Grandpa. It had been over a year since I'd seen my Dad; pretty pathetic, I know. So here are some pictures of my Dad's visit! We love you, Dad!!

The last week hasn't been much fun. Both kids stayed home from school all week with some nasty colds and coughs. Fisher also has a runny nose and has been fevering. Taylor came home on Wednesday not feeling well, and has been home sick since. I have no clue how I have managed to stay healthy. Kolbi has too. It's been a long week, to say the least. I'm just really hoping everyone is better by Thanksgiving; I really don't want to miss out on that!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy kiddos!

This is what happens when a Mom is nursing. All the kids were coloring with markers and Fisher decided to give himself some "sleeves." Along with some facial hair... Taylor said he must be a Cowboys fan. Colts fans don't have sleeves!!

Isn't she an angel?! Oh, I can't get enough of her!! She slept thru the night for the first time last night!! She'd been waking up during the night at the exact same time and a book recommended that her internal clock was stuck; she was just waking up out of habit instead of from real hunger. It totally made sense, cause she wouldn't even eat much before falling back to sleep. So last night I gave her the binkie when she woke up, and sure enough she fell right back to sleep!! I am so excited to be in this phase!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kolbi's Blessing!

Today was Kolbi's blessing! It was a beautiful sunny day!! We were surrounded by lots of family and good friends. Taylor did an awesome job and I might have gotten a little teary eyed. It really makes me grateful for my family and for an awesome husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood. Kolbi looked like an angel in her white dress. Ohhh, I love her! She is so sweet and has gotten a LOT easier the last week. Not NEAR as fussy as she once was. It's so hard to pick pictures, so there is a little overload. But she is a beauty so it shouldn't be too bad!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We had our first snow of the year. I am NOT ready for that already!! Last year Kenadee wore flip flops on Halloween night. Not quite so warm this year.

Halloween is a fun holiday with kids! Kenadee wore the same costume I wore when I was her age. We went to her parade at school which brought back memories when I was her age. It was kinda fun, I'll admit!

Jackson was Reggie Wayne (a white version) who is a reciever for the Colts. Fisher was a dragon and Kolbi a flower.

My sister-in-laws took the older kids with them while I finished feeding Kolbi, so we only had the younger two for a little while. WOW!! That was A LOT easier!!!!! Fisher was so cute! He'd say "trick or tweet" as he was knocking on the door, then dig thru the whole bowl to find which treat he wanted.