Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sisterly Love!

I took these this morning. Kenadee LOVES to hold her sister and the feeling is mutual. She is a really big helper.  Kolbi has been pretty fussy and half the time just wants to be held (I think...) so Kenadee will hold her and rock her to sleep, so I can take a quick shower. She is always telling me the tricks to get Kolbi to settle down. I am SO grateful to have Kenadee around!!! 

Hunting Season

Hunting season is officially over!! I'll admit it, I am SO excited. Taylor shot a cow elk this year. This is the only picture we have of it. It was at dusk when he shot it, and Tay didn't want to wait till morning to take care of it. (he'd be busy finding a deer in the morning)  We are still waiting to get the 176 pounds of meat back, I hear it is really good, plus it's lean. We will make it thru the winter after all!! 

These were taken the day we brought Kolbi home from the hospital. I just wanted to document it; I thought they were cute!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kolbi has been trying to smile lately. Most of time she isn't very successful, but when she does it is all worth it! She cried for 3 hours straight this morning and it took all I had to remember this cute smile.
Taylor records a hunting show. (surprise, I know!) The boys always get their toy guns and help shoot the animals.
I wonder if Fisher will always be her protector. He is SO sweet with her. He started saying her name this week. He leaves out the "L" sound, but it's still a step up from "baby."
Jackson has been really into puzzles lately. He says, "Mom will get down my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; come inside it's fun inside??"

The tub is definately not big enough for this many kids!! They smiled for a few pictures before going back into fight mode.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kolbi Update

Wow, another week has already passed. Hours take forever to pass, yet before you know it, it's already bedtime just to start another day. The hours of silence fly by. Kolbi has been sleeping WAY better the last few days; sleeping 6-7 hours. Yay for me!! This is the last week of itty bitty football. I am looking forward to not HAVING to be somewhere at a certain time next week.
I think Kolbi has a sensitive stomach to my diet so I have gone off dairy. It's only been a few days and they say it takes 10-14 days to get the dairy out of my system. I'm REALLY, REALLY hoping it's not an allergy and that she'll grow out of it in a few months. Her reflux has been a lot better since she's been sleeping elevated. Thank goodness for that. She has been my hardest baby by far, but she sure is a cutie. She has some cute, petite features and I can't stop staring at her. (when she's quiet, that is!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have been so overwhelmed lately. Weird, I know. No one would have seen this coming!! I just can't seem to stay caught up with anything. I finally folded our clean clothes yesterday that had been patiently waiting in their basket for days. Now here I am doing more laundry. Well, I should be doing it. I should be doing a lot of things. Probably exercising. Boxing up our summer clothes. Playing a game with my kids. But I am going to blog and not feel guilty. This is somewhat relaxing. At least more relaxing than cleaning the bathrooms. 

Fisher is a giant!

The above 3 pictures are how we relax on Sunday afternoons.
We are a Colts loving family!!

Fisher is in love with Kolbi. He always wants to hold her and check on her to make sure she's ok. He doesn't really talk to her, just stares at her. He loves pointing to her eyes; I guess they are pretty fascinating to him. 

Lastly, Jackson requested a picture of him holding her. So there you have it. 

Itty Bitty Football

I'll repeat: not our most athletic. But at least he caught the ball!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The grass is always greener...

I stole this from a friend's blog. Thanks Jayna!! I'm always putting pictures or sayings on our fridge or door for inspiration, or to remind me of something I feel is important. Nothing has really been that successful in reminding me. Last week I put this up in my house. I walk past it ALL day long and I am constantly thinking of this saying.
I, probably like lots of Moms, am always looking forward to the next phase of life. "As soon as Kolbi will sleep thru the night..." "As soon as the weekend is here..." the list could go on forever. When in reality, this IS my life. I CAN be happy in this moment.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kids Galore!

I'm not sure if having 4 kids is harder than I thought it'd be, or what I expected. Every hour is different. We'll have a rough couple of hours followed by a few hours where everyone played well together. I will be honest... it's hard to not let them watch tv like crazy. They are always much more pleasant to be around when in front of the tv. Good thing for school. Life would be much harder if 2 of them weren't in school for a few hours.
Kolbi is doing pretty good. She weighed 6.14 oz at her 2 week check up and is also over an inch longer. Last night she slept 5.5 hours between feedings. I'm still trying to decide if it made up for the previously bad night. She loves to be held and prefers it when falling asleep. It's hard not to, yet all I need is a baby that REQUIRES to be held to take a nap. I'm trying to find the balance.
I don't remember my other kids being this fussy; it could also be that the first few weeks tend to be a blur.
I had a friend word it best. I'm feel like I'm in survival mode. I'm just trying to get the kids off to school. Next, let's just make it thru the grocery store. I just need to make thru dinner. I haven't really been able to enjoy much, just trying to survive. We have some great friends and neighbors though. 4 families brought us meals this past week (on top of the Compassionate Service that the ward set up last week for us) That has been a huge relief and helped out our wallet too!! Thank you so much guys!!!
But when I look at those happy faces in these pictures... how can you not feel so loved and blessed?!

Preschool Rocks!

Jackson had his first field trip yesterday at the HeeHaw Farm. Taylor had the day off so we all went (execpt K who was at school). First of all, I don't know why I thought I could have done that alone; those boys are wild! Second of all, the boys had a blast!! There are a lot of fun kid things to do. Jack loved it all; he couldn't pick a single favorite. Taylor's liked the tractor/hay ride. That was actually probably Fisher's fave too. I always like to pick the pumpkins.

Here he is with his first "real" friend, Jace. All of Jackson's friends have been Kenadee's friends. He is starting to make his own now.

Sure, Fish! You're TOO old to take a nap!!