Friday, July 31, 2009

K's Date Night

We took Kenadee on her much anticipated date tonight. When I told her this morning that we would take her out tonight, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Dinosaur Museum and One Man Band. In August, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Point will start a $2 special and I really didn't want to pay full price when the whole family could enjoy the dinosaurs for the less money. Anyway, her back up plan was to watch the new Ice Age movie in the theatre (she loves the theatre!!) then dinner at One Man Band. She's been begging to eat there. She thought their kids' pancake was a crab, but was just as delighted to recieve a bear.
She is such a funny girl! She has a wild personality and loves to tease people. She was just as talkative as last years' date; and thought it was awesome to pick out ANY treat for the movie she wanted. As hard as it is to replace our real date with one with a child, it is so fun for the kids and they really look forward to it. Next... Jackson's turn!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping in the Heat

We went camping over the weekend up in our usual spot up above Alpine. Once the sun went behind the trees it was much more comfortable. I was the most worried about Fisher sleeping; we haven't been camping since he moved to a big boy bed. Of course though, as it goes, Fish was the perfect one; it was the big kids that stayed up for two hours, playing instead of sleeping. As frustrating as it was, they don't share a room so what else are we to expect? Dang kids having fun!

Yes, that is a cheeto stuck to Jackson's cheek. He must eat like his Mom! :)

K looks so old! She is growing up so fast!!

We always have to take a picture of all the kids in front of the tent.

Jack loves his gun; still not loving the loud noises of Dad's.

7 bullets = 7 dead squirrels!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yeah! I'm 30 weeks!! That always feels like a big step. The days go by very slow, but the weeks by fast(ish). So far, anyway... She still has no name. Taylor doesn't seem to like ANY name; luckily I haven't been in love with one.
So far this baby has the same amount of energy as the other kids. She is always moving. I haven't thrown out the idea that she is either having seizers or trying to dig her way out. Her movements are pretty strong, they literally make me jump thoughout the day.
Contractions have started- having a few a day. Last night was the first ever contraction to wake me up in the night. My feet hurt everyday and I can't wear my wedding band anymore. (also another first ever) I am however sleeping very good, thank goodness. So, here's to another 6-7 weeks (hopefully)!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friend BBQ's

A few weeks ago Taylor lost a game of golf which resulted in a bbq with all the families of the 4 golfers. Shoot! Friends AND food!?! It was great to spend some time with the wives considering our husbands spend more time together than with their own families! 8 adults and 9 kids might it quite a houseful but at least the kids like to eat outside in the heat! So above is the Nielsen, Wood, Beck, and Perez gang. 

Above is the Wengreen, Jackson, and Beck bbq. 
These guys all went to school together (all except me) and again, what is better than good food and good company? The kids played perfect together and were in heaven with their pet bunny and the trampoline. Fisher went wild on the tramp and was getting bounced several feet in the air. I think he'll be a pretty tough boy. Jackson loved the superman costumes. He kept taking the mask off saying, "It's just me, guys!" 
Kenadee took both pictures of just the adults. I tried to add more exposure but I guess I should just be grateful no one was cut out of the them. I love summer get togethers; keep 'um coming!!!!

This was the next day; after the first time Jack crawled into bed with Fish. I sure hope they stay friends once they're bigger!! They sure sweet boys now.

2 Wheels

She's been doing this for probably a month now, but I kept on forgetting to take her picture. So here is our big girl!! It was a long process to get her training-wheel free. Most of it was our own fault for not being consistent teachers. Then we took our Washington vacation... The trick for us was to take the training wheels off of Jackson's bike for about a week and have her practice on that smaller one. She was as good as gold after that. Now we can go for walks again with our neighbors! Good job, Kenadee!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cozy x 2

Jack jumped on the new cozy wagon too. He picked out some football fabric, I just need to sew around the edge. I really like the fabric choice he made; probably just glad he didn't push for Lighting McQueen. He'll be out of that phase soon. He is such a sweet boy!

This is how I found the boys last night. So sweet!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New cozy!

My Mom found a cozy for this nameless baby girl and just sent it to us. Well, over the next couple of days Kenadee has been trying to sneak it. I find her randomly snuggling with it up to her lips, with her cozy on the ground. (Yes, at 5, she still drags her baby blanket with her throughout the house) She liked that the baby's cozy was soft. "Why isn't mine soft?" "How come my cozy is old?" After days of saying she wants a new one, like the baby, I took her this morning to pick out a new cozy. She is in heaven! Her smile was so big!!! I guess this cute face was worth $8 huh?! Now if we can find Jackson a non-baby, boy cozy... the search is on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here are the kids at the new toys in the mall. We had a few minutes before meeting Taylor for lunch, so I thought they might enjoy this; the boys haven't seen it yet.
Yah, I know pretty boring. Maybe one of these days I'll remember the camera when we're at the pool!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 29th!

Well, it's my sweetheart's birthday today!! And what a sweetheart I have! Taylor is an amazing husband. He is so supportive and in tune with my feelings. He makes me laugh like no one else can. I am so grateful that we found each other; he has been the biggest blessing in my life!

Here are the kids making his poster. The boys aren't really into coloring or crafts, but they both helped and loved being a part of it.

K gave me the idea of a Colts cake; she said, "He'll love it!" We had a little disater so it doesn't look great, oh well. After singing to Tay, he let everyone dig in. This picture was taken about 30 seconds into it; it got REALLY messy!! We love you Taylor and hope you felt special this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sidewalk of Fire!

Every year we have a bbq at my in-laws house followed by fireworks. It was a wonderful holiday! Kenadee might have backed up into a lit sparkler, which luckily only resulted with a hole in her shirt. No burns. 
Here is how Jack started the day off...

He didn't end on the best note. Afraid of the loud noices... again. Hopefully he grows out of it. He sat on Grandma's lap during the whole firework show. 
A little family competition...

Fish loved the sparklers! At least one of our boys is brave. 
And last but not least, our annual 4th of July family picture. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Shed!

We were given a shed a couple of weeks ago, but just got around to putting it back up over the weekend. I am so excited!! We have had this corner of gravel in our backyard for a year now, just waiting for a shed to put there. They are just too expensive and a shed hasn't been the biggest NEED. I'm so grateful that we were thought of when a neighbor of my in-laws asked, "Do you know anyone that could use a shed?" There has been a ton of help getting it here and set up. Help from my father-in-law and brother-in-laws tearing it down. A borrowed truck from Gpa Woody. A "deal" on the fork-lift from Danny. Then my father-in-law again setting it back up. Seriously, this shed was a blessing; who knows if we would ever be able to afford one. Thank you everyone for all the help; we REALLY appreciate it!!!!!


And after:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lehi Days

Thursday night we went to the all horse parade. To be honest I quite liked it! Only 30 minutes long and the kids were great during it. Fish kept making his horse sound; he had bright eyes the whole time!

We walked in the kid's parade Friday night; which everyone loved. I was worried about the weather but it was overcast and PERFECT! Taylor had taken Fisher to the doctor (another ear infection!) and once they showed up to finish the parade route, Fisher was hamming it up. He was waving to everyone; it was really cute!!
Dog pile on Kenadee! As much as the kids fight with each other, they really can get along great. I hope they continue to stay good friends!!