Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fishing with the Fam

We got invited to go up the canyon to take the kids fishing with some of Tay's siblings. Of course we couldn't say no. We don't fish at all but knew our kids would love it. Luckily a brother-in-law had enough poles for the kids to share easily. They had a blast!! Kenadee LOVED it!!!!! She hardly put the pole down and could cast it pretty far. Jack had fun too, but isn't as fast at learning how to do it.
Most of the kids. Mason is on the rock in the background

Fish was so cute. As soon as there was a pole without a cousin/sibling attached to it, he grabbed it and tried to cast it. It was so funny; he observes everyone really well!

Thanks for the fun times, guys! We had a lot of fun!!!

Here I am at 25 weeks. Stripes on a pregnant belly sure aren't very flattering. Don't get me wrong, I'll still wear that shirt. It is one of the few that fit.

Taylor really wanted to take the kids to see "Up". It is a very cute movie; I highly recommend it. We haven't done anything like this for... I don't know how long; a VERY LONG TIME. We're trying to save a little; probably like most people. It was a big occassion for us and apparently I embarressed Taylor by taking pictures. It was a simple but fun memory. All the kids loved the movie; even Fisher was on his best behavior. It's always good to have some family fun!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night!

We have it set up with our neighbors that we do a "kid exchange" on the weekends so the other couples get a date night. With my trip and family being in town it had been 5 weeks since we had a date night... Wow, that was too long!!! Taylor has been golfing for years now, but has gotten a lot more into this year. Luckily, he gets passes pretty often from his work so we don't have a huge investment into another hobby. Anyways, I have never swung at a real golf ball with a real club; miniture golf has been the extent of my golfing experience. With that being said we hit a bucket of balls. Wow, I was horrible!! No need to go into all the details... it was a lot fun, Taylor was probably embarressed by me, and I have a lot more appreciation for the talent it does take to play well. It actually is a bit of a workout. Golf shoes and gloves would have definately improved my game....

and maybe not having a tummy in the way would have helped too!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here are the two pictures (literally- that is all I've taken) of our family since being home for a week. Apparently I got sick of taking so many pictures everywhere we went.

A little shopping time at Old Navy while my sister was in town.

Taylor fell asleep on the ground (at 5:40 pm). I told Fish that Dad needed a little snuggle time; I think Tay appreciated it!
Things have been decent since being home. Back to reality of laundry, cooking, cleaning. The kids have been really fighting the rules; lots of fighting between them and argueing tons with me. Fish came home with an ear infection. That would make sense of why he was pretty bad on the drive home. I thought the fever and moodiness was due to all 4 of his K9 teeth coming in. Taylor was right with his guess of an ear infection. It is wonderful to be home with my husband though! I was gone almost 2 weeks, with family in town 3 days before and 3 days after my trip. All in all that is almost 3 full weeks of it NOT being just us. As much fun as I had and as much as I miss my family already; it's good to be back to normal.