Friday, May 29, 2009

WA update

I don't have that much. I'm at my Mom's office after hours to upload. So here is what we've been up to Tay!
(I've taken over 150 pictures so far; sorry for the over load!)

Here is what it looks like driving on the highway to Sequim. Small roads with trees surrounding you. I love it. It gives me a good feeling! Hey, I think I might have even seen Jacob Black in the forest up here! (it could happen!)

The drive was as good as could be expected. Some how we survived on only watching ONE movie! Not quiet sure how I pulled that off. Here are the kids dancing at the first gas station since waking up. They awoke in happy spirits, luckily!

Here we are at a "Shepards Festival". There was a little petting zoo with sheep and chickens; the kids liked that. Then they showed us how to sheer a sheep (just in case we decided to take that business route)

Hanging out on the tractor in the back yard. Fish stayed on this for quite a while.

Wow, does Fisher's hair look red in this picture!! The kids are in the garage playing with the dog.
My Mom has a dog, Chloe, which the kids adore. If only Fisher (and Jack for that matter) could learn how to play nicely with her. Fisher started saying "No" thanks to Kenadee setting the good example and saying that to Chloe.
We had a little fun at Carrie Blake Park, here in Sequim. This place has improved SO much from my days living here. Fisher in the top picture: there is a zip line in the park toys which they kids' begged for more. Anyway, Fisher made face EVERY time he held on. I was impressed with how much strength he had! He held on a long time! The middle picture was taken by Jackson; again I was quite impressed with my kids ability. The last picture I just thought was cute. The next day my sister had work off so we went to Port Townsend. They have an awesome park, which I won't even risk spelling. We always have WaterFront Pizza when they go there; YUMMY!! Here is Fish and I at the park. Even though there are people around to take a picture, there is something fun about taking one yourself!

Our washer and dryer are not front loading; Fisher thought it was awesome that he could see his cozy spinning around. Love this kid. He is awesome! A little snuggle time with Aunt Courtney!
We went to Port Williams for luch today; the kids loved the sandy-ish beach. It's as sanding as it gets around here! Fisher might have gotten some rosey cheeks; sorry honey! I'm gonna leave the sunscreen in the car from now one. :)
These two are at John Wayne Marina (I know, a non-Indian name... wierd) The kids had fun watching the boats raise their sails and waving when they'd float past us.

There is a house just outside of town with trolls everywhere. We might have ignored the "No Trespassing" signs. A couple pictures couldn't hurt, right?!
We miss you honey! Have a good time in the quiet house; we'll be back soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a....

We had our ultrasound early this morning. (it's not easy to get all of us up, fed, dressed AND at the office at 8am!) Both the Grandmas were there, which made it extra special. All of the kids behaved GREAT! The bigger two were so interested in seeing their new baby. Once we learned it was a girl Kenadee wouldn't stop smiling. She gets off Grandma's lap and stays the rest of the time at my head. She was so excited!! To be honest, we were hoping for a girl; we are THRILLED to say the least!!

The whole gang!

Kenadee had her exhibition meet on Monday night. She is too young to compete so they have different routines to perform for their families. She is a great gymnast and just barely past their pass off night and made it in the "hot shots" class. Basically it's level 2. Level 3 is when they start competeing. That is when it gets expensive... not looking forward to that.
After the ultrasound Kenadee had her Preschool Graduation. It was way cuter and more fun than we expected. I can't believe how fast she has grown up. She has learned so much and has become quite the helper at home. I caught her the other day telling Jackson that "Once this new baby is born we will have to help Mom a lot."

I am so excited for her to move onto Kindergarten and for Jack to start Preschool. Two in school for a few hours will leave me with two at home. Weird to think I'll have two at home.

Tonight we will start our long drive up to WA. I have come to terms with the fact that it will be a hard trip with lots of unwanted noice. The drive will be part of the vacation; just enjoy it! Some of the drive will be when the kids are still sleeping; hopefully that will help with less noice and less fighting. I am so looking forward to this trip!! I miss Washington! The pine trees, the ocean, the smell... Yeah!! My Mom doesn't have the internet, so I'll have to go else where to post. I will do my best! Wish us all luck!! (even kids will need some luck!!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crawdad Boil!!

Every year USSynthetic has a crawdad boil at the owner's cabin up Hobble Creek Caynon. I look so forward to this every year!! Luckily I was able to get out of my Activity Days Mother Daughter Luncheon. I say cabin and that really doesn't do it justice. It's on so much land (we can't even begin to guess how many acres he has). There is a small lake where you can canoe, a huge play ground with swings, a tramp, slides, tree house... Every year there is a live band, they bring in HUGE blow up toys that have the slides in them. Tons of food: snow cones, cotton candy, BBQ lunch, and my absolute favorite kettle corn. We might have taken a few bags home for my dessert tonight.

this is me!

And this is Taylor!
They have a human sling shot. This year we finally did it. The line is always extrememly long, so when we showed up earlier this year we faced the line and did it. (I got permission from the owner's son) It was crazy fast!! You feel like you can't breathe- I felt like I had to close my eyes cause you're moving so fast! It was awesome; the kids were troopers and let us do this first before any sort of fun for them.

Kenadee going down the zip line from the tree house. She went down that thing "a hundred million times!" -that's K speaking

What is a crawdad, you might ask. Here is one. They are like little lobsters. Too much work for a little bit of food.

One of the blow up toys!! It was so much fun! We were able to meet a bunch of friends there too, so good food, good fun, good conversation!!! Can't wait for next year!

Silent car ride all the way home!! Couldn't have been any better!

I'm so tired of looking at myself when I open up the blog... Here's is what we've been up to lately.

This looks like a scene out of "Elf." The smiles just don't get any bigger!!!
We went for a Bronco ride last Sunday. This is my father-in-laws Bronco and the kids beg to go for rides when the weather is nice. I loved this picture! That is my cute niece, Brinnley, in the middle of Kena and Jack.

I don't want to get the kids pictures taken professionally with this new one on the way; so this is my attempt at updated Grandma Beck's wall of pictures. At least I got some real smiles!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So, I've had the same pair of glasses for 8 years. Same prescription. My eyes have gotten a lot worse. About a year ago we put duct tape on one of the arms. As you can see below they were VERY crooked; Taylor couldn't look at me with a straight face when I wore them. I would only wear them late in the evening or early in the morning... just until I put my contacts in. Well, after one SERIOUS threat that they would get thrown in the garbage if I didn't do something about them, I made an eye appt. I had also heard about a company online where you can get prescription glasses for really cheap. After browsing in the the store and getting the measurements I needed, I finally made my purchase online. They arrived today and I am very happy with them. It's crazy to have the correct prescription, it makes a HUGE difference. With a little bargain shopping, I got my eye exam and these two pairs of glasses for under $54!!
After: pair #1

After: pair #2

This is how someone looks if they go three consecutive days without a nap. It was 4:45 pm. She really is an angel!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

update time!

You know it's time to update when your husband says, "WE should update the blog." Well, now "we" are getting it done!
Pregnancy update first: I am growing much faster than I remember with the others. Still measuring big; but after sitting in the office almost 2 hours (my appt was at 8:45- yah, don't know what was up with the horrible wait!) I wasn't going to ask about measuring big and what that means. I just needed to get OUT! I started feeling movements over the weekend. Very light and I have to be holding very still. I will be having another ultrasound when I'm 21 weeks so that my Mom can be here for it. It's scheduled for May 22. Yippee!! That basically sums it all up. Moving on....

Swim lessons went great! They are both learning very quickly; I wouldn't be surprised if Kenadee gets it this summer. Jack at first won't put his face in it; when it would happen it was followed with brushing his face for the next 2 minutes. This is how the 10 days ended. Jackson was very willing to put his face in that water.

Wow, Dads and Moms are VERY different. Maybe I'm just a scrouge; who knows. This was definitely NOT my idea!

Kenadee and I had a girls day on Saturday. We exchanged some birthday presents and she just LOVED picking out WHATEVER she wanted. We weren't there near as long as I was prepared for; which was a nice surprise. She ended up with this barbie that had fake nails for her. So fun! She wanted to eat at Del Taco (our McDonald's play place in the process of being rebuilt) It was quite a lovely day. Not one whine, complaint, or tantrum. It really made me realize that I would love this next baby to be a girl. I would love to have girl days with another girl.

Here are all the Beck grand boys, execpt for baby Beck who is 4 months old. L to R are Cole, Fisher, Jackson, Mason, and Jake sitting. Aren't they so tough? Jackson hates to take his shirt off. It cracks me up the fuss he makes. He is such a skinny kid; I just love him! Fish is the opposite; he loves no shirt and rubs his tummy the whole time!!

Jackson started itty bitty baseball today. He was so excited to do something for himself instead of watching Kenadee practice her gymnastics. After telling his coach that he is left handed, it was much smoother. This is the best picture I got of him today. So what if he missed the ball, right?