Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dad + Fisher

What a good Dad! Taylor is such a nice, fun Dad! The kids just adore him!! We love you, babe!!
My cute snuggle boys!

Fish had a little fun at swim lessons too!
Getting trained young. He loves the hunting magazines; just like Dad!

Friday, April 24, 2009

5 years old!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old!! We've had a few days of non-stop fun! (I'm exhausted)

I put streamers down from her door and it sure suprised her when she woke up in the morning.

My Mom found this cake set at a store up in Washington. After finding it online, Grandma ordered it for her princess. I had been stressing for a long time about setting it all up. I couldn't find the right size of cake pan, I don't know how to use tips to decorate.... But after all the stress, it turned out pretty easy (for my abilities). She absolutely loved it! Thanks again, Mom!

Kenadee has had so much fun! The last couple of years her party has gotten bigger than I had ever planned or hoped, so in hopes of keeping it low key we had her party at the park. There were only cousins and few neighbor friends. It worked out great! It was a little windy in the begining so we had to pretend to blow out the candles; she thought that was so funny!

This sand in the swing set area is new from last week when we were here. I really dislike sand! I would never have a sand box at my home. It's just not my thing! However, the kids loved it! They sat there in heaven for a while- hey it was her party!!

Can I just say that my friends know me so well?! I had a couple of them call me during the day so see if I needed any help getting stuff ready for the party. They know how easy I get stressed out. Luckily Taylor took the day off and was plenty of help!! Thank you, guys for the offer! I really appreciate it!

Also, on another side note... Yesterday morning K had her Dr. appt to get the last of her shots to go to Kindergarten. I wish I had known how different and "grown up" it would be from her other ones. So, just a heads up to you other Moms, I'd REALLY recomend asking what they do in your Dr. office. Both Kenadee and I would have benefitted from a little warning.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Busy Week

This was at my nephew's birthday. Go Jack!

Swim lessons might be the end of me. Everyday for 10 days. Poor attitude, I know. I feel like we are going to be in swim lessons forever. There will always be one or more kids in lessons for a WHILE! At least they are having fun and I have a friend to talk to while we're there!

Fisher is obsessed with books. Animal books. Duck on a Bike, especially. He is finally interested in learning their sounds, and tries to mimic them. The horse is his favorite. It doesn't sound what we taught him, but it is very consistent. I love it!

I love this picture. I can't remember what they were even looking at. I'm just happy I was able to take the picture fast enough. Those Beck kids LOVE their cozys!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Here is our new view out our back window. Yes, this going to be a large road; simular to Redwood Road. 4 lanes total, I believe. It's about 150 yards from our property line. Wish us luck when we want to sell this place!!

Here is my 15 week belly. I guess I need to get over the fact that I have a belly; and quick!

My husband got Eastered out! We drug him from activity to activity. There was one Easter Egg Hunt that was pretty miserable; cold, off and on rain... The kids were troopers thru that. I was impressed at Jackson weaving in and out of people to get a single piece of candy. A kid after my own heart.

On Easter Sunday we went to my in-laws for the usual Sunday dinner. I love having some family close by to visit often and also so my kids can have relationships with their cousins. Anyway, Tay's parents gave the older kids kites as part of their Easter gifts. They were a HUGE hit, even with the adults. We were all outside, completely entertained, for quite a while. My brother-in-law tied 6 kite strings together to make one high kite. It was a wonderful day! I need to relax and be a kid more often!!!

Last, but not least... Fisher has started dancing! It started with a little head banging and has progressed to arm movements... while his feet don't budge! I love his kid!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random stuff...

We don't have a scanner, so Mom these pictures are as good as they're gonna get of the baby. 
I love seeing the little bent knee! You can also see the fingers up above the mouth. Totally starting to feel real! 
I had another appointment on Tuesday and as soon as I laid down on the table I could tell I was measuring way too big. I wasn't quite to 15 weeks then and I was measuring around 19 weeks. My doctor went over all my dates; which I knew were right. He wanted to get an ultrasound to find the cause of all this growing and luckily I got squeezed in right then in the clinic. After what felt like a LONG 15 minutes, we found out that it is just one baby! What a relief!!!! We hardly talked (Taylor was with me) while waiting to be called back and when we did we were trying to convince each other. "It's just one..."   "We'd be fine with twins..." It was just a quick ultrasound but from what they could tell the baby looked great and was measuring like it should have been. Apparently I have a long uterus. What ever that means. I just told Taylor that probably isn't something to go brag about to his friends. Hopefully the growing slows down till I'm 19 weeks, then picks back up again. I was feeling like I was growing a lot the last few weeks; so I'm glad there was a real reason for me to feel that way.
I'm feeling great; just really tired. I fall asleep on the couch nearly every night. My husband gets bad company.

Moving on....

I have been working on Fisher's quilt for his big boy bed. Crazy that we have to think that. We don't know what we are going to do with the sleeping arrangements once the baby is here. Bunk beds for the boys? Move Kenadee down to the guest room so we don't have to buy a new bed right now? (then move her when we do have family stay with us...) Yah we don't know. I'd love to NOT have to paint her current room. 

Fisher always has his tongue out like this. It helps him concentrate, I guess. I just recently cut his hair and now he looks like an even more blonde than he use to. He has a little bit of red in too. Where'd he get those dimples?? Yah, he is for sure different than the older kids, but he is a nice kid!! I smile EVERY TIME I look at him!!

We just barely took the highchair downstairs and started letting Fish sit at the counter for meals. He LOVES it! He eats way better too. He is surprisingly good at using a fork. Jackson should take a few tips!

Every year Tay's grandparents, the Woodruffs, do an Easter egg hunt for all the great grandkids. I love easter egg hunts! I think they are so fun. I guess I mean, the kids think they are a blast and I love seeing my kids happy!! So good fun all around. Thanks for the fun memories!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 5 years!

Taylor has been at the company USSynthetic for 5 years now. I have said many times that we love this company. They have so many great perks/benefits. Once you've been there 5 years you get a set amount of money for a gift for yourself. They won't just write you the check and then you can pay bills with it. You have to bring in the reciept from your "fun purchase" and they will reimburse you the "x" amount of money.

This kind of brought stress upon Taylor. He couldn't decide what to get. He was so worried he would regret his purchase; wishing for something else.

Well, he was finally able to decide on some new binoculars. After waiting VERY patiently for them to arrive, here is the look of pure happiness on my husbands face! I'm so glad he was able to get something he really wanted... and that we didn't have to pay!!

Here is another reason we also both appreciate his job. This baby is going to be dirt cheap! No deductible, 100 % covered- even a circumcision, if needs be. No out-of-pocket other than a $15 co-pay for my first visit! I LOVE HIS JOB!!