Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally caught up!

I finally feel like everything is caught up. Well, almost... laundry is going as I write; I'll fold later!
Taylor was playing patty cake with Fisher the other night and Fish thought it was awesome to learn the actions. How sad that I have never taught him the motions!!! At least they have a fun Dad! His expressions were so fun to watch. I love seeing my kids happy!!!!

"Roll it and roll it..."

"Mark it with an F"

I think Taylor was secretly trying to get out of doing the dishes during their patty cake session, so I put Kena to work! But honestly, she brought her stool into the kitchen and asked if she could help. I love her growing desire to help me!
Soon after, I got in the tub and read a magazine. In the mean time Taylor did the dishes, brushed teeth, read books, and put the boys in their jammies. I have a wonderful husband!!

This one was taken today. We went to a BBQ for a friend that Taylor met thru work. All the kids normally take naps around 1 pm on non-school days. We didn't leave the BBQ till 2:30 ish. Jackson must have played hard at the park cause he is out cold!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gosh, this has been a busy week! I guess there is always a day that feels like this: WAY too much to do, NEVER enough time. To be honest, it's 2:30 pm and I still haven't showered. I have Activity Days tonight and a shower is a must! 

We took the kids camping last weekend and everyone had a blast! There was a little snow still where the sun never touches, but it was great weather. (now it is back to cold, wind, a some snow here and there- crazy Utah weather!)
Here we are all ready to go! I can't explain how excited the kids were!!! They kept reminding me over and over to bring the big marshmellows for smore's. 

The big kids slept in the Pathfinder with a bunch of pads and blankets- which gave us a lot more room in the tent; it was GREAT! 
Saturday Taylor took the training wheels off of her bike. Wish her luck! She has recently learned to tie her own shoe laces; one less thing for me to do! YES!

Last but not least, Jackson and I goofing off during Kenadee's gymnastics. This was the only picture that either his mouth wasn't open laughing or his eyes weren't super squinty from laughing. Good memories!! 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My excited daughter!

The news is pretty much out by now, my daughter can't keep it quiet...

YES... I am pregnant!

Lots of people have heard but are probably wondering if there is any truth to it. Completely true! I'm due October 1. If this one is like the other 3, then it would be quite a bit earlier than that. More the begining of September. If I've done my math right than September 9th would be longest I've been pregant. We are just hoping for a healthy baby!!

I swear Kenadee knew before we even told her. It's probably been going on 5-6 months now, she has been begging for a sister. She was laying it on us hard once we knew we were pregnant just hadn't told anyone yet. So when we told the kids the first thing she asked was "Is is a girl????" I'd love to not find out for once. But my husband literally thinks he would die if he couldn't find out. He secretly wants a girl too... I guess the one we have isn't spoiled enough for his taste!

Even though this 4th, and final, was planned it's been kind of hard to adjust. I'm so excited to have another... yet, my older kids have been wild lately and I guess I'm not sure of my abilities to stay sane with another one added to our family. I'm nervous but we'll be good! Everything will work out great; aparently I need a little more patience! So there you have it.
On Valentines Day I had these paper hearts scattered all over the house and during my nap she made these Valentines for everyone in the family... with no help! She did the tape all by herself as well as all the spellings. I thought it was so tender. When you open the Valentine, this is what you find. The "B" on the left is for the boys in the family (and the boy faces) On the right is "G" for girl and the girl faces. She drew 3 girl faces when we only have 2, right now. Mind you, we hadn't told her I was pregnant yet. Crazy huh?!

On another note, the weather has been amazing here lately, in the 60's!! So we've been living at the parks! We are there everyday; and it makes my life so much easier. The fresh air makes a big impact on both me and the kids. Yippee for spring!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow, we are pretty boreing!

Yes, yet another boreing post. Fisher is such a good toddler. (that was wierd refering to him as a toddler, not my baby) He is my best picker-up-er. He is so happy and content. He HAS started getting little attitude. Throwing toys and hitting people with toys, throwing himself on the ground when he can't have another cookie... (I do the same thing with cookies; he must be my kid) So the time-outs have began! I am so excited!!
I love how by Fisher laying like this on the table, he thinks he isn't ON the table. Here he is helping Dad fix a toy. He is a great helper, a little too helpful!
He seriously has the cutest personality!! He does the sign language for "milk" for EVERYHTING! (No, we didn't try to teach him sign language) If he wants you to hold him, if he wants your food... "milk!" Then when you are walking over to give him your food, he uses his index finger and points down to his high chair tray over and over. Thanks, Fish! I think I can figure out where to put MY food!! Love his silly quirks.

This is how Jack helps with the laundry. I guess I have two helpful kids after all!

Kenadee is wearing Tay's glasses and thinks she is in heaven. Thank goodness there are so many ways to distract kids! She still has her attitude and calls me a liar. She isn't coloring on things anymore; yippee! I have several friends who are now saying that their near 5 year old is acting the same way. That make me feel better; maybe it isn't me. As hard as she is, she is still a sweet girl. She is so funny just like her Dad and is still living in those Hannah Montana pj's.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I thought spring was suppose to be here?

This happened the other afternoon. Yah, it isn't a down pour...but come on! I'm so tired of winter!! I'm blaming this bad attitude on getting older. Taylor tried to golf in this... but gave up during the second hole! Silly boy!!!

Nothing exciting in the Beck household...
Kenadee got to go to Kanagroo Zoo for her cousin's birthday party, so I took Jack to the store to pick out a toy. To my surprise he picked a $2.50 sword. Totally within our bugdet! I think he quite enjoyed pushing the little cart.

Apparently Fish has a favorite binkie. He has lots to choose from but ALAWAYS picks the white one. He'll take a blue one if we can't find "the" binkie, but when we put him in front of all of them, he'll grab the white. He recently started saying "Are you?" and still eats like a champ!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My baby isn't a baby anymore!

So my baby is 18 months old. That means NURSERY!! Yes! It was a great Sunday today, not having to worry about entertaining him, or arguing over who's turn it is to take him. I took the big kids to the bathroom before Primary and Taylor was going to see which class he should be in. (we have 3 or 4 Nursery's and technically Fish isn't 18 months until this upcoming Friday.) I get out of the bathroom and Fisher's nursery took him early!! Great surprise!!!!

He did an awesome job, and didn't hesitate when Taylor left him. Kenadee was the same way! Lucky us. I checked on him half way through and it snack time... and again didn't care that I was even there. So yippee for us!

He looks old in this picture!

We took the kids out west on Saturday to shoot some guns and have a picnic in the middle of no where. We've needed to do something like this for awhile with them. But to be honest, the big kids have been so ornery lately we don't want to fun stuff with them. We play games and there is always major drama followed by major threats (by me.) No matter what we try to do for them, they just haven't been grateful.

Saturday we bit the bullet and desided that we should probably be the mature ones and force them to be nice and have fun... we WON!! It was actually a great a little Saturday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

So the real reason I haven't posted for a while is because I am rebelling against my camera. A week ago we got a portable hard drive, which we have desperately needed. Taylor transfered all our music and pictures over than gave me a  30 second demonstration of how it works. The next morning I needed to print a coupon (damn coupons!) and unplugged the hard drive to plug in the printer.... I did not know that the hard drive works like an ipod that has to be "ejected". Well, by unplugging that hard drive, I erased EVERY digital picture we have!! 8 months ago we backed them up onto disks and put those disks into a safe place. So it is the last 8 months worth of pictures that were lost. 
Trying to be positive, my favorite pictures are either on this blog or in our family scrapbook. I've been meaning to make this blog into a scrapbook anyway (the company I am using is currently down) so now I REALLY have to make it into a book. So that being said... there goes lots of Fisher's life so far, picture wise. I'm just trying to not think about it.....
Since this incident happened I have not taken a single picture; apparently I'm a rebel at heart.