Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ESPN the ocho

Here is what we've been up to lately...
Jeri graduated with her Bachelors recently so we all went out to Olive Garden to celebrate. I don't know if I was happier for Jeri, or for myself for the opportunity to out with the family without the kids. It was good times; lots of laughs; which are expected with the Becks. Sam couldn't be there because of a wrestling tournament: he did pin his opponent though!!

I found these crafts at the store and thought it would be a fun project to do with the kids. Let’s just say it would have taken me ALL day; I was glad Taylor was there to help. Taylor’s mind totally works like this, while mine does not. They sure had fun even though Kenadee was begging Dad to build hers’ so it was get done!

Don't mind the Hannah Montana pj's. I got these at Target on clearance for $3. Best $3 I've ever spent. She wears them ALL the time! 

(notice Jackson's gash is finally looking better)
And now for the reason behind the title of this post... If you've seen the movie Dodgeball then the title makes sense. The kids have been into dodgeball lately; so we got into it too. It was quickly decided that Taylor throws the blue ball too hard and got banned from it. The best pictures I got just happened to have Jack in them. I thought they were too funny! I think every family should have a little dodgeball tournament! 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's over!!

I guess Jackson is beginning to be done with naps. After really try to make him and force him to, I've started to accept the fact that they are over. We are starting to try napping every other day, and the days when Kena is in school we having "quiet time" in her room. Yesterday was our first quiet time and it went alright. I'm hoping he'll get use to the idea and become a little better at staying in the room.
 Kenadee is the complete opposite. She loves naps and always falls asleep immediately (after see sings lullabies to herself!) At almost 5 years old, she'd take a nap everyday if she could. Preschool is in the afternoons and on those days she is very tired by 7 pm. Good for us! I know that having one GREAT napper at an old age is pretty rare, but it's still hard to say goodbye to Jack's naps! Wish us all luck!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I guess I have some updating!
This is why we have always called Kenadee our monkey!

Fisher has some new things.... He is really into climbing; he climbs anything posible and even grabs one of the older kids' stools to get where he is wanting to. He also sees shoes out and has to "try them on" and walk around the house with them!! Then the best one: when Taylor comes home from the work, the whole worlds stops for a moment. He runs up to Tay, super excited, and gives him a huge hug and snuggles him! Yes, I might be jealous, but I'd do the same thing if I was stuck with me all day long, too!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

If the crown fits!

Disaster Strikes!

I have always trusted Kenadee with scissors. It has never crossed my mind NOT to. She has always been smart and mature for her age... until today. 

It all started when she told me that she wanted to make me a Valentine. I told her she would probably make one in preschool. She insisted on making one right now. Sure. She picked some lined paper, a pen, and scissor. I left her at the counter and finished getting ready. I didn't even notice her hair until I was back in the kitchen and it looked like the granite was scratched. What scratches granite?? It was pieces of hair. I gasped out loud when I realized it. I go to throw it away and find this huge chunk of hair in there. Wow! She not only has pretty long hair, but she has LOTS of hair. So this huge chunk look worse than it really does in person. In her defense she has been asking for shorter hair. 

The next day Jackson splits his head open. They were running around, of course we'd asked them to stop, but they kept on running and chasing each other. We're not sure if there was help from his sister or if he fell all by himself (which happens often). He smacks his forehead right into a sharp corner at Papa Murphy's. Good thing for after-hours clinics!! Taylor took him in and while walking up to the office he says, "I'm gonna be so brave Dad and not cry!" Apparently he was too! Here is Jack pretending to be sad:

My favorite part of the story was when the doctor said "Let's clean this up so your Mom doesn't get mad." Jack says back, "My Mom is always nice." What can I say to that? It is SO NOT TRUE!! BUT, the fact that he thinks that and loves me even with all the time-outs he gets, wow! I was really touched when Tay told me he said that! My poor husband has such a soft heart; Jack is in there getting needles in this head and Taylor is just trying to not cry. He is such a great Dad to these kids!

Here are some random pictures of the kids at uncle Sam's wrestling meet. Don't mind Kena's belly shirt; she dressed herself in a shirt that is clearly too small. I guess she wanted to be like me in high school. 

On a positive note: I am making a pound cake for dessert after Family Night today and boy does it smelly YUMMY!!!
AND: Taylor is going to Sam's wrestling practice to help out (he wrestled in high school). He's gonna love it. He'll have his butt worked, but he'll have so much fun!
AND: My brother just got accepted into helicopter school down in Scottsdale! So yippee for him!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I think this is pretty typical of a one-year old, but it makes me laugh! He couldn't get in without his beloved blanket either. 
Kenadee wanted to copy Fisher. Those wierdos! (they are eating green rice krispy treats; we had left over green marshmellows from Christmas) They tasted better than they looked!!
So, I'm sure this happens to everyone. Yes, Taylor got the car stuck. Keep in mind that he has NEVER got his old 4Runner stuck, but when he takes the family on a joy ride to find the "big buck" he gets us high centered. Luckily we were close to his parents house so his dad, Dave, was able to come pull us out! I love you, honey! Hope you get that deer next year!!

Nothing like a game of Candy Land to finish off last night! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chargers SUCK!

So... Where do I even start? Anyone who knows us, knows that we are huge Colts fans. I made all the kids shirts this year and Taylor a mug for Christmas. Last year I made him a Colts blanket. When Jackson had a helmet (at 7 months), we put the Colt's logo on in it and made it a football helmet. Yeah, we're fans. So last night was their playoff game against the Chargers... to much disapointment they lost. I was so hopeful of them winning another Superbowl. We couldn't fall asleep last night and hopefully by writing this, it will get off my mind a little. Taylor clearly got me into this love and is more of a fan than I. I have to be pretty picky of which games I watch in full because I don't want to ignore the kids. We even read our scriptures as a famiy last night during halftime, even though it was only half a chapter and no one could focus on them. (I think Heavenly Father would understand!)
The year the Colts won the Superbowl... I must admit that the game when they played New England: I cried. I literally shed tears of joy when the Colts won. So no one can say that I'm not a fan. So with a broken heart, I guess it's time to hang up the jersey till next year...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We finally took the kids out to shoot their new gun and boy did they LOVE it!! When we told them to get their jackets on, Jackson said, "Hip hip horray!" I sure love that kid. He has gotten a lot easier lately. He went thru a HARD stage; don't get me wrong, he still whines and doesn't listen great... but he is laughing and smiles lots too!
Fish just fell in the snow, so I guess that is worthy of a few tears.

On a side note: Taylor might have hogged the gun a little! I'm sure he was just "teaching" them!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing catch-up

Taylor and I are complete opposites in many ways. One example is that he is still friends with the same guys from high school. Me, not at ALL! You've heard me talk about Danny and Annie; both of which were his friends from the good ol' Lone Peak. They are our best friends. Travis and Jamie, also friends, have moved away from Utah and we haven't seen them in years. It's been a couple of weeks now but Travis' mom called up Taylor and invited us over for dinner, a surprise to Travis who was visiting for the holidays.  That was such a fun night!! Lots of laughs! I also learned quite a few things from the silly things they use to do as teenagers. 
The boys and their kids. This makes you think that they've grown up... not quite how I would describe them. 
Here comes trouble!!
Travis, Taylor, and Danny (L to R)

Travis' kids are older than ours, yet they become best friends for the night. All I heard for the next couple of days was about Brighton and Easton. 
Why not end on a good note?