Monday, December 29, 2008

Wow, I'm slow!

I think I'm the last person in the blogging world to post anything about Christmas. First of all, I recommend waiting to set up Christmas till early in the morning. We waited and woke up at 5:45, got breakfast in the oven (it takes and hour to cook) then we woke the kids up. Worked like a charm, and everyone got their much needed sleep.

Taylor's family has the tradition that on Christmas "Adam" everyone sleeps under the tree. We decided to keep the tradition alive, and starting doing it this year. After explaining that we don't sleep "UNDER" the tree, Kenadee was VERY excited, and asked to go to bed around 6 pm. I was forced to not sleep comfortably in my bed, and slept between two kids. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be... not near as good though, either.

Here are two handsome boys in their annual Christmas pj's from Grandma Beck. Everyone always gets them on Christmas Eve so they can wake up in them Christmas morning. Another good tradition! They make me smile; I sure love these boys!!!

I was so excited to see the kids reaction this morning. I wasn't disappointed!! The big kids LOVED it, as always. Kenadee kept looking up in the air and announcing, "Thank you Grandma!" or "Thank you Santa!!" That happened with every present, no matter who it is from! Jackson's face in the above picture says it all. Christmas is so magical for kids; I love it!!
Fisher: Well, we woke all the kids up at 6:15 (they normally wake up around 6:30-6:45). He was basically lathargic. Not interested in ANYTHING. He even started falling asleep on Tay. So back in his bed at 6:30. We finally woke him up at 11:30. Still not interested. He just sat there. We drove up to the Beck's at 12:30, Fisher fell asleep AGAIN in the car! After that he was a little more lively, and opened a few presents. Wow!! Not what I planned for!!!

Fisher fell asleep shortly after opening presents.

On a side note: I noticed yesterday while Fish was crying while I trying to get his pj's on, that he has 2 molars. Probably part of the problem over Christmas. I felt like a great Mom for not knowing that was his issue!

The last couple of days have been awesome. The kids are so entertained with new toys, (Taylor with football) All the crazy attitudes have for the most part have disapeared. Yeah! I feel like I've been typing for hours, probably because I deleted half of it, just to retype it!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Christmas??

I think so!
We had a quite a day yesterday. It all started taking our Pathfinder in the shop to fix a few things... then all this snow dumps on us!! As I was shoveling it I was laughing to myself: how ironic that I don't have my 4 wheel drive. Needless to say we stayed home till the Beck Christmas Party that night. All this snow 10-12 " fell in a matter of about 5 hours. WOW!!! At least there was no school or gymnastics yesterday. Doesn't the snow blower in the background look nice?
Dee Dee has been begging to build a snowman. Tada!!
Moving onto the Party. Here are Maddie, Taylor, and Sam (his siblings) as the Angel and Shepherds. Taylor joked, "Apparently the Shepherds didn't get much exercise back then!" How handsome!!
So Ramon handed Grandpa Neldon a few presents because G-pa was leaving soon. Jackson would NOT leave Ramon's side. Ramon was officially the present-hander-out-er. He wanted HIS present. When it was finally the kids' turns Jack wasn't let down; he loved the dinosaur and cars.

Fisher was so funny! He WOULDN'T sit on Santa's lap all month. Then last night... Fish could see the treat Santa was handing out SO... he camped out right next to Santa until his named was called. Fisher wouldn't look at him AT ALL, he just wanted HIS treat!!! I just couldn't believe he sat on his lap!! I sure love that kid!!!!!!
This is my father-in-law, Dave. I love Dave!! He makes me laugh every time I see him! That is where Tay got his sense of humor. (Kenadee is getting it too)

I am so excited for Christmas, and I must admit it's the gifts... for the kids! They are at such a fun age. They asked for inexpensive things like a yo-yo. We decided to surprise them with a BB gun. A couple of days after this discussion Jackson, completely on his own, says, "Mom, I want a gun so I can shoot with Dad. A real gun." I tried not to smile and simply said, "Ask Santa!" I am just SO excited!!! Before long they will be asking for expensive things... in the mean time we decided to spoil them a little!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

USSynthetic Fun!

We brought Taylor some lunch today because we were in Orem running some errands. And decided to let the boys see where Dad works. (Kenadee saw earlier this week when we had a girls' day) Fisher kept the safety glasses WAY longer than I thought he would. It's actually pretty cool to see the big presses and the other equipment. We are standing in front of a press in the second picture. The kids were so excited that they got to bring home a "rejected" part. Yippee!! Tay works with a lot of fun people that make my laugh; so I quite enjoy our visits. We love you, babe; thanks for being so awesome at your job!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I know that I am setting myself up for many jokes, so just go ahead!! Taylor can do all these "tricks" with his tongue... and me on the other hand, NADA. Kenadee got her talents from her Dad. I think I am the only one in my family who can't roll their tongue. I hope the boys don't get my bad luck!

Fisher was sick this day; but it's practically the only time he'll snuggle. 
Simple joys. I gave the kids boxes to play with and WOW! They had so much fun! 
She was so tired this day; she fell asleep on the couch. My kids just don't do that!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm a couponer!

I'm not sure if it would be concidered an addiction or a passion. Either way I am really big into coupons. I use and they have all the stores listed and tell you which coupons to use where, and what your final price would be. Some may think that I'm too into it or that I obsessive over it. Other think it isn't worth it to buy the paper JUST for the adds and coupons. I will say it does take time to get the hang of it and the more you coupon, the faster you become. Enough being said, I got the following this morning at Albertsons:
4 toaster strudels (Kenadee is going thru withdrawals)
8 bags of frozen veggies
6 boxes of cereal
3 cans of Bisquits
4 pouches of cookie mixes
2 cake mixes
All for $13.32!!
I rest my case that is SO worth buying the paper for coupons!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sound Asleep

This is how a boy sleeps when he has bronchitis, some slight asthma, and really BAD ear infection. I feel so bad for him!!

We have had lots of fun with my family in town! Here are some highlights so far...

Family coloring...
We went on a triple date with some brothers that Taylor works with. There is Courtney, Derrick, Me, Taylor, Jared, and Jody. That was a fun night! Lots of laughs, jokes, and food. Thanks for the good night guys!!!

Some much needed shopping!!