Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

Yes, I went out again this year. I wasn't able to last year up in Washington and I greatly missed it. So I was more than doubly excited...however I was kind of disapointed. I had great plans to price match at Walmart, only to find that Walmart didn't carry it. (my fault for not checking prior) Walmart also didn't have some of their advertised items even in stock! Target however price adjusted as planned. :) I think I have unrealistic expectations. Over all I spent $32. About $25 in gift cards, and due to price adjustments I was refunded $70 PLUS recieved a $100 gift card. That you know every detail about my morning..... here are a bunch of Tay's cousins and my sister-in-laws. We were in line at Target; the best part was definately the company!! Thanks everyone for the great time!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a Wonderful Day....

We went to the zoo yesterday with Annie and Jane. (Gotta love FREE day!) It was an interesting day. Lots of smiles, fights, tears, laughs.....

Fisher's favorite was the big monkeys. He made his first monkey sound too!! That was the best part of the zoo; for sure!

This was the second favorite. Don't be offended, Annie!

The whole gang!

I am going to have my family visiting for the next two weeks or so with a day in between the two visits; so we decided to enjoy a good family evening. We love Tucanos; but can't afford to go very often. The kids ate surprising well; especially Kenadee. YUMMM!!!

This year we started what I hope is a new tradition. This is our Grateful Garland. We hung it in our house and everyday the kids picked something different to write on their leaf/turkey that they were thankful for. Pretty simple and sometimes they picked silly things, but hopefully they started to get the idea to be Grateful.

Fisher hadn't been feeling well the whole day, so after we got home we had a family snuggle on the bed. The big kids didn't last long. Fisher on the other hand layed there with me for 45 minutes then fell asleep on me!! It was so tender and special; he hardly snuggles anymore-always on the move. These times goes by so fast but I sure lived it up last night.

We have so much to be grateful for right now, many of which are the obvious:

Our extended and immediate families

Our perfect health

Tay's job. The longer he has had this job, the more I love it. The more I realize what a huge blessing it has been in our lives. With all this economy stuff going on; Tate's job has never been in question. His job is secure.

(He just got home from working the graveyard and has requested a foot rub, so my gratitude will have to be postponed...)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We have been finishing the basement bathroom.... well, more Taylor than "WE". It will be nice to have it done with and not on our minds. Plus with company coming, they will have they're own bathroom. Here are the kids and in Lowes with me; they were very helpful!
We went to Twilight on Friday for date night. Tay has read the books I haven't- I know, now I'm going to hear about it. I don't think I could say that I'm too busy... I guess I just have different priorities. I would rather do a craft or read my magazines.... Anyway. Taylor was the only guy in our group of 12. With maybe 12 other men in the packed theater. I didn't get a picture of all of us together cause a few showed up late... oh well. Good movie though!!!!

This was just this morning. So cute!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looks like fun!

I know how jealous you are! It was our turn to watch all the kids last night while our friends had date night. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be; I can't believe we've been doing this exchange for a year now. After a couple of hours of play time, we put a movie on.... GOOD CHOICE!! They just sat there! There are two couches down there, I don't know why they all sat on one!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good week!

It was a good change from last week...

Happy Birthday to ME!!  Taylor came home from work early and surprised me with flowers! He doesn't do stuff like very often so I was pleasantly surprised!!

Later that night we went out with our best friends, the Jacksons, to do sealings at the temple, then out to dinner. They even paid!! Thanks guys!!!!! It was a great way to end the day!! I sure have been very blessed to have wonderful people in my life. Thanks to all of you for making my birthday special!!

We actually got this snow before my birthday. We were out of town the first time it snowed this season, so the kids were very excited to play this time!! Fisher... not so much! He liked to look at it, just not be cold IN it. I look forward to many snowball fights and snowmen this year. I am not a huge fan of playing in it... but I do LOVE to play with my kids so I'll venture out in it for them!

Taylor taught the kids how to reload bullets. I can't believe how much they enjoyed it. It is probably a lot how I feel about it. The reloading itself isn't FUN, it's the spending time with their Dad that they enjoy!

When I was up in Washington back in June, my Mom sent us home with my Legos that I  had growing up.  I remember playing with them all the time, I loved them. So I finally busted them out (while Fisher was napping) yesterday and THEY LOVED IT!!!! It kept them occupied ALL day long. WOW! It is a really cool set; with horses, stables, a trailer...  I made it all for them just to have it torn apart 10 minutes later. Oh, well. Let their imaginations go wild. 

I have to give a HUGE shout out to my brother... He was obsessed with Legos, so when I got old enough I got my very own. Clint and I have had lots of memories with these. So "Thank you!" My kids will now have plenty of Lego Memories of their own!!! (Yes, Clint I did have some of your pieces in with mine... I'll give them to you at Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My birthday week... so far

Well the week started off good....

My mother-in-law made a cake on Sunday, which was very good!! (yes, this is my brother-in-law in the back ground... AND his wife!)

AND the Colts won their game that night against the Patriots!!!

Taylor gave me my gift early!! I have wanted a Dyson for a long time and our old one broke. (I should actually say my in-laws old one) Yah!! I LOVE it! And I don't mind vacuuming now. It is a good sucker!!

Hmm.... I was in my first car accident today. So, I pulled up to McDonalds to return my redbox movie. (I didn't want to keep it an extra night.... I'm really cheap!) I didn't park in a parking spot, instead I parked behind parked cars (perpendicularly) I jump out to return the movie and hear Kenadee yell "Mom." (I left my door open) I turn around and my car is GONE!! It was rolling backwards in the parking lot. I run. All of my kids are in there. A man jumps out of his car and runs. He puts it in park just in time for it to hit an old Civic- somehow only breaking the Civic's taillight. My car pushed the Civic 5 feet. My entire bumper needs to be replaced. I have never been in a car accident before and technically I wasn't today either. APARETNLY, it wasn't in park. I was shaking so bad and owner of the Civic was really nice. So.... with one bid at $1,000 or the $500 deductible it looks like we are having a small Christmas this year.

I'm just glad that I didn't have to pay $1 for keeping that damn movie an extra day!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We voted...

and here is our proof.  That 75 minutes sure was long. It could have been worse though. I wanted the kids to be apart of it and to start learning about what we get to do as Americans. Even though they probably won't remember; I wanted to set a good example for them. 

My very first time voting was pretty cool. It was ON my 18th birthday, and I was voting for the President of the United States. Now, how many people get that opportunity?