Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had our trunk or treat early (which was awesome!) So here are some pictures from that. We forgot Kenadee's wings, but once we saw other Tinkerbell's we remembered and Tay ran home to get them. Can I say how much I love the trunk or treat?? It's awesome!! So fast, easy, and convenient. 

Not the most masculine lion, I know. But he's still cute.

His favorite was being able to pick out a treat. He'd even put it in the bag.... than he'd reach back for another one. (definately my kid!)

more fun...

This one is random, but I just love Fisher's face in this picture. He loves his older siblings!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Clint and Natasha Rucker

I'm not even sure where to start... We had a wonderful time in Arizona!!! I came home with almost 150 pictures, so it is really hard to pick which ones to post. It literally couldn't have gotten much better. The first couple of days we were crazy busy planning and preparing for the luncheon; which was at my aunt and uncle's house. It went amazingly; and was so beautiful!! Such a wonderful occassion to celebrate!!

Here is my Dad and beautiful sister, Courtney! I had such a hard time saying goodbye to her. We had a lot of time bonding on this trip. She also had her 19th birthday on the day of the reception. That night I told her I was sorry that she didn't have an amazing birthday with all the spotlight; and what she said made me bawl even more. "I had my family!" I realize that for most people that isn't a big deal; they are with their families for every occassion. Not so with my family. Hardly EVER are we ALL together in the same place. MAYBE every couple of years. (and there is only 3 kids!!) Being apart from my family is very bittersweet... more bitter. I think that I have a great appreciation for my family that most take advange of. I also think that it has brought us closer together. Even though there IS advantages, I miss my family!!

The sealing was one of the best I have seen. The sealer gave them some great advice. I bawled my eyes out. I am so happy for my big brother. I am so happy that he found someone so perfect for him. He has made a huge step in his life and I am glad he chose Natasha for this special journey. It was an amazing experience to be there in the temple with them. It is a memory I will hold very close to my heart. I am so proud of both of them. Just writing this, I am about to cry. I am so happy that Clint is going to have the same happiness that I have, with his eternal companion!!!

The bride and Dee Dee

The Rucker side. It was 96 degress that day!

This is at the temple; I just loved this picture.

This is the luncheon food. My uncles have huge smokers and they made chicken, brisket, potatoes, and beans. It was so GOOD. It is actually the same meat that I had at my wedding. My uncles drove their huge diesel trucks with the smokers on trailers ALL the way from Arizona to Washington. Here's a HUGE shout out to Uncle Doug! LOVE YOU!!!

This is actually in this post on purpose. Taylor was able to go shooting with my cousin's husband, Mark, on Saturday. This is the first coyote he has ever shot. He was SO excited! Thanks Mark! (thanks for letting Taylor borrow your husband for the morning, Marisa!)

Look at those handsome men!!! I am a huge fan of the brown suit! Nice pick Tasha!!

Some cute kids in their "wedding clothes." I sure love my kids; and husband; and family!! It was a great experience. Even though it's nice to be home and in my own bed; I miss my family already. Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Clint and Tasha- I hope you are having fun in Hawaii! I am so jealous!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

St. George

We decided to take a spontanous trip to St. George for the weekend, with the Jacksons. We are still here as I speak. Is this considered speaking?? After here, we are driving straight down to Arizona for my brother's wedding. (I am so excited!!!) It was kinda crazy to pack up for two trips for 5 people. I now love my car even more than before...

sooo much room; yippee!!

We went up to the red rocks. It was pretty windy at the top; and Taylor even took the kids down thru the crack. Taylor got stuck for a minute in there and Kenadee told him, "You're stuck Dad!! You're gonna die!!!"
We made some caramel apples. Yummy!!

Then a little pool time! (isn't my husband sexy!?)

4 little monkeys in the tub. Jane is the baby in the front of the train.

Thanks for the fun trip Annie, Danny, and Janey! It sure was a lot fun!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Taylor says I'm on the computer too much. He should just be grateful that he has clean clothes!!

Here is something that I didn't think about when it came to motherhood. Invasion of the plastic... Anybody else feel this way??

We went to Thanksgiving Point's Cornbelly with some friends and these two pictures were taken there. 
Taylor clearing enjoyed himself. :)
They had a princess section where all the girls could try on the dresses. Jack couldn't be left out and is definitely man-enough for dress ups. It was lots of fun and we'll for sure go back next year!! (You guys in again, McAdams?)

These three pictures are from Kenadee's first field trip at Hee Haw Farms. It also was a lot fun except for the fact that we got rained out. It was actually probably better that way because we could have stayed a while longer. 

This is Jackson's first time down this slide. He is a maniac!!
It actually shoots you down there faster than you'd think! 

What else needs to be said??

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't Judge Us!

I promise we really do love our kids... One day we were at the store and the kids begged to go down the Halloween isle. "Sure." I saw one of the bowls that has the sensors; the fake hand moves when you reach in to grab your treat. I thought the kids would think it was funny. Not the case. They freaked out!! So this day, Taylor was in the store with us and he had to see first hand how they act. It is so mean, but it'll put a smile on your face. Enjoy!!

itty bitty ball

Jackson started football this last week. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It is about time that he got old enough to get a turn to participate in something. He has watched Kenadee for over a year now and has cheered her on. It was definately his turn. He seems to really enjoy it too. Obviously it is very basic and none of the kids get the "real" point; I guess that is why it is so cute. Go Jack!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm speechless!

We got a new car!!! Words can't explain how excited I am!! I'm speechless!!!! It is an '08 Nissan Pathfinder. It has 23k. This is the first car I've ever had that is leather, has heated seats, 4 wheel drive, and most important (right now, at least) a 3rd row!! I have been squishing three car seats in our Galant for over a year now; I SO deserve a 3rd row!! I loved the Galant; it was great for then. We've had that car for over 5 years and have put almost 100k on it since we got it. Times have changed and our needs have changed. It'll not be fun to have a car payment after years and years of not... but I guess it has to happen sooner or later, right?
We know a guy (well, Tay's dad knows a guy) who goes to auctions; so he's been keeping an eye out the last couple of weeks. When we were test driving and browsing the Pathfinder was our favorite so we are so excited that there was a new one at a great price! I am so grateful for an amazing husband, that works so hard to provide for us!! Thank you so much, Taylor!!