Saturday, July 26, 2008

Date Night #2

Well, last night was Jack's turn. He was really excited! He woke up from his nap saying "I, I, I, I wanna go on a date with you!" It was really sweet. We started the night off with dinner at Pollo Loco, which we have never been to. (I would definitely recommend it; very yummy with healthier options!) Then off to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

He quite enjoyed it there. Of course his favorite was the hands on exhibits. It was fun to see how different the kids are. Jackson was so quiet in the beginning; he just sat in his car seat patiently. My camera's batteries died right after Jack was digging up the dinosaur bones (I can't believe I forgot to replace them!) Jack picked out a blow up Dino from the gift shop which immediately starting chasing and eating me!! He is so cute. After that we walked over to get an ice cream. We got Jack a vanilla with peanut butter cup sprinkled on top; he picked off all of the candy THEN ate the ice cream. Ah, I love that boy!!!

I had a lot of fun getting to know Jackson one-on-one. It was fun to take them out without the other kids and it is something I will continue to do... however, I am looking forward to a date without children!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Night

We have been meaning to take a child one-on-one when we have a date night. So last night was the first. We dropped off the boys at a neighbors house and enjoyed some time with Kenadee. The night started off at Cafe Rio where she wanted to have big quesadilla, like Dad. (not the free little kids' ones.)

Then we went to Steel Days Carnival over in American Fork. It was more expensive then I thought it would be, but Kena loved it. So that made it worth it. It was quite nice to have some individual time with her. She was a little hyper in the beginning which you could expect I guess, finally having our undivided attention. 

 She actually popped one of the balloons and won a stuffed dog! 

Taylor made me add this picture. He snuck it of the guy while Dee Dee and I were on the ferris wheel. Carnivals sure bring out these type of people. We saw one little boy with a mullet (which Tay tried to get a picture of) and I made a joke that the boy wanted to be just like his dad. And sure enough, when the boy got off the ride and walked over to his dad there was an identical mullet.  Over all it was a great evening. Jackson is patiently awaiting his turn...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So it is official!! My brother and Natasha are engaged!! I am so excited; it is about time I got a sister-in-law out of him! They have been dating for a year and a half and have planned the sealing date for October 17. (Hopefully Arizona will cool down by then!) I really am so happy for them; it is a great feeling to find the person you want to be with for eternity! I absolutely love Tasha; she is so much fun and is easy to talk to. I wish I could see her more often!!! I am looking forward to meeting her family. Clint will be going through the temple soon and I am so excited to drive down to be with him for that special day. I just keep smiling every time I think about them!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saddle Up

The kids had been asking for a while to ride a horse (I wasn't going to pay at the Lehi parade for them to ride a pony) So I asked Taylor if he wouldn't mind saddling one up for them. The huge smiles the kids had were so cute. They LOVED it!! Fisher crawled out to the fence, stood up, and just watched the other kids and the horse. He got so excited and waved his arms like crazy; he wanted a ride. It was so precious!! Of course some of us adults wanted a little ride too.

There was only a halter and a lead rope attached. He knew that the cinch wasn't attached all the way but didin't bother with it. Taylor hopped on. The second he got on the cinch around Shorty's stomach came unlatched... he bucked a couple of times (forward and backwards) when the saddle slide to the side; at that point Taylor pushed of the horse and landed on his shoulder. Anyways, Shorty just kept bucking until he got the saddle completetly off. This is what is left of the saddle. (I guess we just bought that saddle!) It was pretty crazy to watch the whole thing knowing there is nothing I could do. Everything turned out alright; Taylor isn't hurt. I guess my idea wasn't so smart after all. And, yes, Taylor learned his lesson!
On a lighter, happier note...Dave's two horses are becoming a part of our family now. We are working out a deal to share them with his brother. I am kind of excited about it. Now if I can get Taylor to take me on a ride!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yesterday was Taylor's 28th birthday! He had taken Jack on the overnight Fathers and Sons on his birthday eve. Kenadee and I decorated the house and frosted his cake and he was pretty surprised when he returned home. After a quick shower he was in the mood for Pizza Factory's Chicken Alfredo pizza. It is really yummy!! (Sorry you missed out Clint!) Then we had some friends over for dinner and games. I thought it went well; it was a fun celebration!

We love you so much, Taylor! You are a great Dad, husband, and friend. I couldn't ask for someone better for me! Hopefully you felt special, we sure think you are!!!

His rifle cake

Pizza Factory surprised us with this "28" pizza. THANKS!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Pictures

We have never had our family's pictures taken...until now!! Here are some of our favorites; it's hard to choose but I am so happy with how they turned out!! Thanks Megan for telling us about Torie!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th!

I love the 4th! I am very patriotic. I love this country, our freedom... the whole celebration of our nation. Of course you can't have the 4th without some fireworks. My mother-in-law gets fireworks every year and practically the whole neighborhood gathers together to watch. It is always a lot of fun. Jed wasn't here this year to do the lighting, so little brother Sam took over and did a good job. (we missed you Jed and Megan...and Jodi!!)
We take a family picture every year, so here you go. Look at that cheeser of a smile from Fisher!
Jack thought the noise was too loud, but was brave to come back outside and watch.
Here are some good friends. Jadi, Sydney, and Kenadee.

We also went camping over the weekend with our best friends the Jacksons. They have a baby Fisher's exact age, Jane; she is a cutie! Everyone slept good which makes it a lot easier; we had a blast!! Thanks guys!!
Check out those dirty faces! Those kids had a LOT of fun. I am kind of a... neat freak (to put it lightly) and camping makes me relax in that department. Can they be any happier?!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun

I know this is pathetic, but the kids love it. They were so excited to set it up and play in it. And yes, that is our grass!! It is really sparce with lots of weeds we need to fertilize, but it is a start.

This last week was Lehi Days and we had a lot of fun with the change. This picture was after the parade (thanks for going with me Annie!). There was a bunch of crafts, animals, treats, blow up toys, and trains for the kids at the park after the parade. It was a long hot day but as you can tell, they LOVED it!!!

Fisher got his first haircut last night. This is the best picture we got... he was crying and wiggling so Taylor needed me to hold him. He needed it cut more than I realized; we cut over an inch off. He looks a lot more grown up and more like Jackson now. (I think) He is so content crawling around and getting into anything he can. He loves to eat. He has 3 teeth now with another top one on it's way down. He says "mama" and "dada" all the time. He walks along the furniture now. he loves his naps; he gets so excited when he gets his binkie and cozy! And he started crawling up the stairs yesterday. This last 9 months has gone by so fast.