Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moms vs. Dads

This is how Mom's and Dad's are different. We were at Albertsons the other day aka "the cookie store". (they give the kids free cookies at the bakery) I asked Taylor to hold this little part of the cookie; he said "no" so I handed it to Fisher and asked if he would watch him. These pictures don't do justice of how dirty he really was.

Thank goodness for bathtubs!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Washington Trip

We went to my sister's graduation over Father's Day. Well, I was actually there for a week. It was so much fun!! My Dad drove up from Arizona then we rented a suburban and all drove up together thru the night. Thanks for driving the whole way Dad, there and back!!!!! Here we are on the ferry boat. Finally out of the car and only about 1 hour left of driving time. (16 total hours... with 3 kids!)

At a family favorite resturant, Oak Table. Yummy!! (Aparently my sister and I were on diets!) Isn't my brother's girlfriend a cutie?! Thanks Mom for watching the kids!

Mom and I waiting in line for the Graduation. We had to save 10 seats for all the family that would be there.

Happy Graduation Court!! I am so proud of you! You are a truely beautiful girl! I miss you already sweetie!!

Here is the whole gang at Hurricane Ridge. From the left: Grandma Sanders (my Dad's mom) cousins Aubrey and Hannah, Fisher, step-dad Keith, my Mom, Jackson, me, Taylor, my brother Clint, girlfriend (almost fiancee) Natasha, my Dad, and Kenadee up front. There was a lot of fog so we didn't get a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca or Canada. We did however see a black bear; it made Taylor so excited he squelled like a little girl. (* Taylor had to keep his drink in the picture... I couldn't get him to set it down!!)

Taylor loves this picture of Fisher. He is giving someone stink-eye. He is still super cute!!

This is the famous tree on the pathway to "The Spit." Yes, that is the beach's real name. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. :)

At "The Spit." There are tons of washed up trees along the shore line. It is so pretty. I hope Fisher enjoyed his nap because he missed the fog.

Beautiful Sequim!

Okay. These three were taken at the Game Farm. It is kind of like a zoo, but you drive thru with your car and can buy bread to feed the animals. It is so much fun; the kids loved seeing the animals up close. The bears are fenced in (they can't scratch the car) but they stand up on their two feet and wave to get bread. The favorites of the day were the zebras, llamas, and buffalo. You don't realize how big buffalo are until they stick their head half way into your car reaching with their LONG, STINKY, tongue, steam breath, to reach snack. I felt like a little kid again!Last of all, the delicous seafood at 3 Crabs. Taylor strongly dislikes seafood so we never have it back home so this was my chance to eat good food. I got the halibut and YUMMY!!!

Sorry for so many pictures... it's hard to decided which ones to post when there are so many. It was a very nice trip. It was great to spend some quality time with my family; it is hard not be around them more. I love you guys all so much!! Thanks for the memories!!!

Just a little family game of Twister!! Kenadee was actually pretty good. Fun memories!!

Grandpa's little boy

Poor Grandpa Beck! Jackson is attached to him at the hip. Seriously! Dave walked in the door to his own house, we were already there and Jackson runs up and grabs a hold of his pants pocket. To me, the Mom, it's the cutest thing. Probably not so cute to Papa Beck. Jack is the shadow to feed the horses, get the motorcycle out, play games... you name it. He has always been the favorite though. Even though he is constantly being tripped (it is funny!) Jack keeps running back to Dave!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah Kenadee!!

Kenadee had her first "meet" a few weeks ago. Her coach wants us to move her up to the next level in her age group. What can i say, she is a natural athlete.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

WE HAVE GRASS!!!! I am so excited to finally see some growth. After all those raining days and no sun, we have had a few really nice sunny days and.... this is where we are at. YIPPEE!!!
We were outside yesterday and the kids wanted some chalk. Why not? Well, Kenadee came up to me and said she spelled "winter" and this is what I found. Seriously!! It has not been altered at all. That is one of the many reasons why I love my little girl.