Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day

After church we took off for our first campout of the year. We decided to make this a new tradition so went to the same place above Alpine as last year. We had so much fun and everyone slept great so we will be going back more often! During the night it started raining and didn't stop. As much as I like the sound of rain on a tent we were more worried about making it home. Once the rain let up, we packed up and headed down. It was SO muddy. I never knew that mud could make you slide worse than the ice. It was a crazy drive but the old 4Runner brought us home safe. Yummy! S'mores!!
"I love hotgogs!!"
"Mommy, I want to pick you flowers again." (I can't believe she remembers that from a year ago)

So, we had the whole family doing a little shopping the other day... Taylor and I turn the corner and this what we find. Can I say that I blame them? Shopping is pretty boreing.

We were invited over to the Stumph's house for dinner and the UFC fight last weekend. We haven't been over since they finished their yard, and it's more of a park than a yard. It is so much fun!!! They have a huge yard, jungle gyms, swings, you name it. The kids had so much fun and were greatly entertained while us adults had civilized conversations.

Grandma Malone

My sweet Grandma is in town for a little while and we were able to go see her. She was so nice to the kids and PATIENT!! I could learn a thing or two from her!!!! Here is picture of them building with the legos.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fisher had a big week!! On Sunday he started saying "Mama"!! His first word was "Dada"... I guess I'll settle for second. Then by Wednesday he was full on crawling on his hands and knees. He'd been doing the army crawl for a few days but now he officially crawls. AND he woke up Wednesday from his nap with his first tooth breaking through the skin. I can't believe how fast he is growing up!! He is the SWEETEST boy. He is so happy!! I can't imagine our family without him; he sure has blessed our lives!!

My big kids are too cute. I've been told lately that Kenadee looks a lot like me. I'd like to say thank you for the compliments!! She is my helper. Her new thing is setting the table for dinner. She turns into the "Mom" and takes over. It's pretty cute and she actually does a good job.

We've been growing out Jack's hair and you can see how curly it gets. He must get that from me. (my hair was VERY curly... the pregnacy hormones must have taken the curl out) Jack can make anyone smile; he is funny too just like his Dad.
As hard as the kids are sometimes, they make my life so rewarding!!! I have been blessed!!!

I'm a little slow to post more pictures. I've been meaning to all week... so here we are. Last weekend we had some fun with the kids. We drove up Hobble Creek Canyon to where Taylor's boss lives. Every year they have a party for all 600 employees and their families. Yes, his bosses place is HUGE. It is all outside, no going in the cabin. They bring in huge blow up slides, have food for everyone, a live band; it is just a lot of fun that I look forward to every year. Here are some pictures of that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New couches

YIPPEE for me!! We have finally have new couches!! I am so excited! They are exactly what I wanted. Big, comfy, microfiber, and a nice brown color. :) I so deserved having new furniture, if I do say so myself. Our mattresses and shelving are the only brand new furniture we have ever bought. Everything is a hand-me-down or a repainted garage sale steal; so I am so HAPPY!!! They do make our living room look smaller but it has to be expected I guess doubling the seating. I wish everyone could see how big I am smiling as I sit here typing this!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

some randomness

Taylor wanted me to add another picture of the house; I guess we are a little excited! We are still waiting for the hydro seed to get sprayed and anxious to get grass. It will make my life so much easier!! Since this picture was taken the bark for the flower beds was delivered. Yippee!!

Fisher is so cute!! He makes me laugh and smile everyday. Well, all the kids do! I really have been so blessed with a great family. I posted this last picture so you can see Fisher's new cheesy smile. It is so funny; he started doing this face all the time; I sure love my kids!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here is what we've been up to lately...

Kenadee started gymnastics last month and I finally brought our camera. She is LOVING it!!! It is really cute to see her doing all these gymnastic moves. (I know nothing about gymnastics) We will probably only keep her in it until preschool starts after Labor Day, so a couple more months.

Here is our happy Fisher. He absolutely loves the ceiling fan!! He gets so excited when it's turned on. He kicks and waves his arms like crazy!! I love seeing him smile. He sure is a special kid. He is definately more of a momma's boy then the other kids have been; he always begs me to pick him up and it's hard not to give in with a smile like that!!

So we are finally finishing our yard after a year and a half. The best part is that Taylor doesn't have to do it. We decided that it was worth it pay someone to do it; for the time and hastle of Taylor doing it. It's getting finished months earlier than we could have done it too. Anyway, I left early yesterday morning and didn't get home til 2pm. When I got home I found Shaun out putting our trees in!!! YIPPEE!!!! I am so excited! My life will be so much easier this summer letting the kids play in the back yard. I just hope that I always remember how hard it was to not have a yard, so that I won't complain when it's time to do yard work. I'm truely VERY GRATEFUL! I'll post another picture when it's all finished!!