Sunday, March 30, 2008

This what we woke up to this morning... Needless to say it didn't make me smile. I thought spring was suppose to be on it's way!! It was such a tease to have weather in the low 60's for a few days then to have more snow!!

So Jackson's new thing is not take a nap and then be crazy grouchy by 5pm. The other night this happened yet again and I was tired of the whining so I put Jack to bed at 7:15. (He immediately fell to sleep.) Kenadee was so excited and beyond hyper that she was still awake and her brother was not. She was being so silly; it was hilarious!! She always pretends and this night she was the Mom, while I was the sister and Taylor the brother. So "Mom" needed to fold the clothes and she actually did a good job; she put them in piles just like I really do with all of Jackson's pants stacked on top of each other. Here are some pictures of "Mom"...

This is taken on the same night.
We always check on the kids before we get into bed and this is how I found Jack... He must be his father's son!!! I love him!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Pictures!

Okay. Where do I even start? The boys in Tay's family went on an overnight hunting trip and they decided to go with only mustaches. . Taylor's brother didn't have enough time to grow one so he bought a Ron Burgundy mustache. I don't have a picture of it but trust me it's better that way. Scott pulled just the 'stache while Taylor did... well, whatever that is called. It looks worse in person and even worse when there was no shadow on his cheeks and chin. I sure do love my husband and think he very attractive... once he shaved it off. :)

We hung out with Danny and Annie the other night and had ourselves a little bbq. The kids were able to play at the "park" while we roasted hotdogs and brawts. Taylor needed to be reminded that the brawts aren't precooked. I hope he doesn't get sick! It was fun to do something different. I always have fun with them; they are great company!!

Andy, this one is for you!!

I promise I'm a good Mom. We were eating these and Fisher wouldn't stop staring or reaching so I handed him one... he LOVED it. It was pretty funny to watch and messy to clean up!

I just love this picture. I think his dimples are adorable. *Sorry, I just noticed that I already posted this picture below. I guess I really do like it. :)
This is what makes Mom's and Dad's different. Mom bakes cookies with the kids and Dad sees how funny he make their faces look.

It's finally warm enough to ride bikes outside!! (Jackson has sense gotten a helmet) They ask to ride their bikes outside everyday; today it is really cold again and with some crazy cold wind... sorry kids! I was a nervous wreck this first day. They aren't that good at braking, and I'm crazy nervous about them going into the street. Practice makes perfect, right!?

Hoppy Easter!

I think we are the last people to post our Easter pictures. Oh well.  Here it is...   We had a wonderful Easter. Here are some pictures of the kids and their baskets. Fisher's basket was my favorite... he got baby food/cereal. (I thought I was so clever) He enjoyed the "grass" the best though. He loved being able to put it in his mouth. 

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thanksgiving in March

I've been on this grateful kick lately so I thought I would share.

I am so incredibly grateful for my husband. He make me a better person in every way. He is always incouraging me and praising me. He is so patient with the kids and a fun Dad. He is helpful around the house and very grateful for everything I do for the family. He loves me inspite of my wierdnesses. He has so much stregth and determination. Whatever he chooses to do, he gives 100%. He is a great employee and also a wonderful husband. I am so grateful for how hard he works for our family and what a help he is. We compliment each other perfectly. Thank you sweetheart, I love you!!!

My kids were tagged a while ago. I am always writing about the kids but I'll write things that not everyone knows.

Kenadee is a little Mom yet also the "leader." She is always in charge and Jackson will normally do whatever she says. She always eats a huge lunch and could eat 3 "margos" if you let her. (cheese melted on bread in the microwave) She loves to learn and is working on writing her name and learning the lowercase letters. She still loves her cozy and always rubs it on her lips. She is very cordinated and strong for her age; we always say she will be the athlete of the family.

Jackson is very tender-hearted. He is a sweet boy and very thoughful. He hardly has a problem sharing. He loves dressing up with Kenadee and loves it when Fisher holds his hand. He loves monkeys-oo-oo-ah-ah!! Mom has to be the one to tuck him in and "ing" (sing) He calls his siblings "Kindee and Ishbone" (Taylor gave Fisher the nickname Fishbone) He is talking like crazy now in complete sentences.

Fisher is an angel baby. He truely is always happy. He has a contagious laugh and smile. He loves nursing and LOVES rice cereal. He loves it when Dad and the big kids talk to him. He is hardly on his back anymore; he always rolls to his stomach and will rarely roll back. His loves his baby walker and likes to walk backwards. He also loves his cozy and snuggle it up to face if he feels it.

I have been so blessed. We have a happy and healthy family. We have so much wonderful family and friends that enrich our lives. We have a beautiful home and Taylor has an amazing job. We have the gospel in our lives which brings us much comfort and joy. All that's left to say is I am so happy!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Isn't he so cute?! How can someone see this and not smile back?! He really can be a sweet boy. Jackson gets so excited when Fisher holds his hand; he loves having a little brother. He counts to 10 now and we are working on his colors. He loves playing with Kenadee, even if it means dressing up. If he is awake when Taylor leaves for work he is the first to give Dad a kiss bye bye and waves out the garage door while also blowing Daddy kisses. He is so sweet.

I can't remember what I was doing upstairs but Taylor was taking care of the kids downstairs so I could get something done.
When I came down to check on everyone this is what I found. What can I say... my boys like their naps!

Annie this one is for you. We had a very long day... Everyone was out the door by 9:15 so we could go to itty bitty ball. Then we met Taylor at his work with lunch, and then met Annie at the mall. We didn't leave the mall till almost 5pm and all 3 kids were asleep within minutes of driving away!! Let me tell you that it was a well deserved quiet drive home! Thanks for the fun trip, Annie; it is always so fun to see you!!

Kenadee is in itty bitty ball right now; and she loves it. You can tell when it's almost been an hour because she starts to lose focus and "needs a rest". It's so cute to see her interact with her friends and to learn new sports. We've always said that she is the athlete in the family!!

Here is a picture of her with friends Kolby and Jadi. Then a little basketball and football. What a stud she is!!!

Fisher didn't love the squash-can you tell?! He must get that from Taylor! I can't believe how big he is getting; he is growing up so fast!! He is still the happiest baby (like Jack was). ALWAYS smiling and so pleasant to be around. He sure adds to this family. We love him so much.

He has also started to full on suck his thumb. I thought the other two would be thumb suckers, but neither of them were... so I guess we'll see if he keeps it up. He is also really into toys right now. Loves anything he can get his hands on. His favorite would be his cozy. When he gets that blanket he grabs it big and snuggles it into his face... it is one of the cutest things I have seen. He is such a special kid!!

My Mom recently visited us; we had so much fun!! She spoils us like crazy. It isn't even 5 minutes after she's landed and Kenadee asks if she brought anything for the kids. It cracks me up. Mom always brings something for them... so it might appear that Kenadee is rude but in fact she KNOWS that Grandma brought her something! Mom also watched all 3 kids so Taylor and I could go out! That was AWESOME!! Our first date without ANY kids in 6 months!! Thank you so much Mom!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Congrats Randy!

Taylor's REALLY REALLY good friend got baptized this weekend. It was an awesome experience. I am so happy for Randy and his family. This will bring many blessings to their family. There were over 100 people who attended the baptism on Saturday; many from their work. Taylor and Randy worked graveyards together, just the two of them, for years. They were able to have many conversations about the gospel during those nights. Taylor was asked to confirm Randy today during Sacrament meeting; it was wonderful. A great experience for Taylor; he did an amazing job.

Knowing Randy has greatly blessed our family. With every baby we've had; Randy and Jacinda have brought us meals, they've helped us move, never missed a birhtday party for our kids, and we've had play dates with their boys Haiden and London. They are great people and a joy to know. I am so grateful for all of the support everyone has given to the Stumph family. Their ward has been great. All the prayers have really helped. Congratulations Randy!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Awesome Pictures!

Here are some really cool pictures from my Grandpa's funeral. I think these pictures show so much emotion. It was so amazing to be there. I love you Grandma!! (thanks Whitney!!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Zoo Trip!

We took the kids to the zoo the other day and they absolutely LOVED it. Dee Dee girl's favorite were the elephants and Jack really likes monkeys. Taylor took the day off (after the zoo we picked my Mom up from the airport) and it was great to spend some time with the family doing something fun. The weather was beautiful and we are very excited for spring!!!