Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potty Training Time!!

Here is my big boy. I never would have thought he was ready to be potty trained... he never even cared when he'd poop in his diaper. We decided anyway that now would be a good time. Everyone has adjusted to Fisher, plus it's below freezing so we won't be missing out on any fun. Jackson is doing really well considering it's day 3. He has only had 3 accidents while in his "skivies" (sorry Scott) and even pooped on the potty yesterday!! We were even able to leave the house for story time today with no accidents. We were only gone for an hour; but still I was very excited!! I just can't wait for when he can hold it a little longer so we can go about our normal lives. I am so proud of him and how well he is doing though. He seems so much older now. :)

Jackson was sick in these pictures. He fell asleep on the living room floor at 6 pm and the other he's almost falling off his bed. Oh well!!

Our cute friend Janey Gwen with Fisher boy!!

I just LOVE this picture!! Taylor is an amazing Dad to these kids. They look forward to him coming home from work everyday. In fact EVERY day when they hear the garage door opening they run over and start yelling down to Taylor before he even opens the car door. Then they hurry and lock the door as he's walking up the landing because "I like to tease Daddy!!" It's so rewarding to watch Taylor interact with all of the kids. I can definetaly say that I have a great life!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heaven Sent

Here is the very newest addition to the Beck family. It is my niece, Ada. She was born here in Utah while, I was in Arizona, on January 4th at 7pm. She tipped the scales at 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 17 inches. She was born with Down's Syndrome; which came as a surprise. She is still in the hospital working to get her eating more and gaining weight. She is doing a little better everyday. I was finally able to meet Jodi and Andy at the hospital last Friday to hold this sweet little angel. She had a very special aura about her. So peaceful and happy. They are going to do an amazing job raising this special baby. She came to the right family!
It is so awesome knowing that this precious daughter of God has come to the earth to bless her family. I am personally so excited to have her apart of my life and my kids lives. (They have a blog set up for her so you can look at her progress-it's Baby Ada in my friends list. :) )

Arizona Fun!!

I was able to go to Arizona for my Grandpa's funeral and let me tell you that it was amazing. I am so glad that I was able to be there with my family. My Grandpa is a veteran so at the cemetary they did the "taps" just like in the movies... that was the most emotional part for me. Watching them fold up the American flag and hand it to my Grandma. WOW!!! So here are some pictures of Fisher and my trip. Fisher smiled at everyone; as you can tell. The last picture is of Clint, my brother, with girlfriend Natasha. She is a really nice person... I had a good time hanging out with them and getting to know her better.

Here are a couple of pictures of some dang cute kiddos!! Fisher LOVES the tub. He gets so excited just hearing the water running. I can't believe how fast he is growing. He had his four month check yesterday and he got three more shots. :( He weighed in at exactly 14 lbs. and 25 inches. I keep thinking that he so chunky but he's really only in the 40% for kids his age. I guess he's just thick compared to Jackson, who is still around the 5% for his weight. So there you have it!!