Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back from Washington

Yes, we went to Washington for Thanksgiving!! My first holiday home in 6 years!! It was so good to be back; even though my Mom moved into her new house a couple days before it still felt like home! I was a lot colder then I expected, but we had so much fun. We drove through the night so the kids would sleep most of the way. Driving there Kenadee was so excited...literally every minute she was asking if we were almost there and why Grandma lives so far away. She finally fell asleep at 10:30 pm. Fisher did the best in the car ride. He is an amazing baby!! The kids had a blast at the ocean throwing rocks and collecting shells. It was so much fun to teach them about where I grew up.

Making cookies with Grandma Carol

Nap time!

Fun at the beach

My Mom, sister Courtney, and me!

We drove through Seattle on Sunday on the way home. So here is a picture of us on the ferry; which the kids LOVED!! Then feeding the seaguls our left over french fries from Ivars (which I highly recommend). And lastly, the pig right in front of where they "throw the fish" at Pikes Place Market. I loved going home for Thanksgiving. Thanks again Mom for all you do for me and my family; we all love you!!

Happy kid

Fisher was giving Grandma Beck the biggest smiles! I don't think she liked it one bit either!! He's really starting to interact and you can tell he really wants to talk and make noise. Taylor thinks he just might be our cutest baby!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

So happy together!

Aren't they adorable. It's pretty hard to take a picture where all of them are looking at the camera, not making silly faces, you can see everyones face...and the list goes on and on. So this is as good as it gets (until we get them professionally done)

So Taylor was at work and I was trying to get a picture of Fisher smiling and even better...I got a picture of his dimples!! We have tried and tried for two months to get this picture. I am so proud of myself. So yes, Fisher has a dimple in each cheek. My question now is to anyone that could he going to keep his dimples? If anybody who has dimples themselves or kids that do please let me know. I always wanted dimples and am so curious if he'll be an adult with dimples!!!

Fisher also had his two month check this week. He is 11# and 20.5 inches. That is super short for his age and in the 35% for his weight. Kenadee at two months was 8# and 23". Jackson weighed in at 9.5# and 22.5". So Fisher isn't long and skinny like the other kids. Yet he isn't rolly polly either, I guess he's just solid. All that matters is that he is healthy and he sleeps GREAT!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year older. It's sad how the world doesn't revolve around you when you're an adult. I had a really good b-day though; my good friend Annie took me out to lunch. It was so much fun to not scarf my lunch in 2 minutes and to talk to an adult. Thanks Annie-you are the best!! Both my parents sent flowers. I love fresh flowers!! If I had extra money to spend I would buy fresh flowers for my house everyweek. Friends and neighbors in my ward kept coming by with some gifts as well. And I even got a long back massage at the end of the day!! Life is good. Thank you everyone for the gifts and phone calls throughout the day; it sure helped make the day special!!!

I just thought this was so funny. Our cute Jack likes to dress up. It's too bad we only have girly things...I guess it could be worse, he could have been wearing the princess dress!! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fisher's Blessing

After me trying to get a picture of his adorable smile for what seems like forever, Taylor gets it in one single snap. But oh well, now everyone can see!! My heart just melts when he smiles. He is so loved!!

Here are all the boys!!

Our family of five. Notice the hairless Taylor due to his Halloween costume. He actually looks decent with no hair. This picture makes me smile. It reminds me how much I love my family when I've had a hard day with the kids.

Everyone that was at his blessing is in this picture except Heather and BJ Graham, they had to take off after the blessing to teach their lesson in there ward. Our friend Randy is taking the picture, he was in the "boys" picture. It sure is nice to have friends and family who love and support you. Thank you for being there everyone! We sure do love you!!

Here is our cute Fisher boy!! I love this beanie even though it's a little big. He's growing so much faster then my other two kids-I'd guess he's around 11 pounds already!! :)

So... at Jane's baby blessing Danny busted out this machine. He let all the kids take turns riding up in the air and moving it all around. Kenadee loved it. Then it was Taylor's turn. They took it as high as it will go-50 feet. CRAZY!!

We finally busted out the baby swing. Okay the truth is that I finally broke down and bought batteries for it. It hadn't been more than 10 minutes and Jack climbed in it while I was nursing. I'm in trouble with two boys in a row!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here is Kenadee and her best friend, Brynlee. Also Jack on the left and Brynlee's little brother, McCade with Dad Chad Brown. They are some good friends in the ward.

What can I say? This was NOT my idea nor did I approve this. :) Taylor shaved the front part of his head and kept just the mustach to look like his Dad. His Dad is always wearing a shirt from Whitewater; today he dressed up with a polo!! There were some good laughs but now Tay is stuck with a completely shaved head.

The whole gang. Fisher wasn't too happy to be forced to wake up for a family picture. Kenadee sure thought she was all that. People kept telling her that she was a pretty princess and she would respond, "I know." What a humble girl we have. Jackson couldn't handle both his gun and the sack for treats; so the gun got ditched!