Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Family Night!

Here is the pumpkin we promised to carve with the kids. (And they wouldn't let us forget about it) Okay, Taylor carved it but I was the camera guy. Kenadee would NOT touch the guts; she whined and whined...it was the biggest deal after being so excited to carve the pumkin. So Jack copied her and wouldn't touch it. Taylor finally told them, that if they wouldn't gut the pumpkin then it wasn't gonna get carved. We love being in charge!!!

After that, the kids decided to drag every pillow and blanket upstairs so they could jump on them. It was hilarious to watch them dive head first into the pile! Their faces were bright red and it took them forever to seddle down to go to sleep--what can you expect?!

Love Birds!

Here is Janey Gwen and Fisher. Jane is our really good friends, Danny and Annie's, baby girl. She was born 1 week after Fisher- and our guy is way bigger then petite Jane. It will be so fun to see them grow up together and to watch our boys fight over Jane!!

Then there is Kenadee and Jackson being shirtless and smiling for Mom. What? It was shirtless Friday in our house!

Family Fun

Here's the kids; they are the light of my life. I never dreamed that they could bring me so much joy!! I just need to be not so uptight and realize it's not so bad that they jump on their beds. They are good kids and they make me smile everyday!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good job honey!! Here is his 2007 buck; and biggest one yet. This is his first year doing "dedicated hunter" which means he hunted all three seasons. (at least two more years of this to come) Hunting archery with his brother, muzzleloader with his Dad, and then rifle just barely. Jed was his hunting partner for rifle also. (thanks Jed!)He's still kinda bummed that he missed a "huge" buck during muzzlerloader. But I think this is a good deer. It means plent of jerky for the next year! The best part of him shooting a deer is that he'll be home on the weekends now! Yippee!!

He's finally here!

Here is our new addition. Fisher Woodruff Beck. He arrived 3.5 weeks early; but luckily at a good size weighing in at 6 lbs. 2 oz.; and 17.5 inches long. He was a successful VBAC; yippee for that. The big kids absolutely adore him. When they first walked into the hospital room to meet Fisher for the first time they didn't even care that I was there-they just wanted to see our baby brother. Kenadee loves holding him and asks if it's "her turn" all the time. They use baby voices to talk to him, just like we do. It's really cute to watch. My Mom flew in for the occassion and helped out a ton, expecially with Kenadee and Jack. They love having her around. (okay, and the surprises she brings too!)

Oh, the ocean

My beautiful Mom and sister when I was up visiting them in Washington. It's so pretty up there; I miss them!! (oh, remembering those skinny days!)

Sleeping Angel

Isn't he so cute? Just look at those perfect little features!! I can't wait for him to really smile at us and start to interact more with us. He is great baby; sleeping anywhere from 4-6 hours at night. He hardly makes a peep unless he's hungry. And I just love it that he simply likes to hear my voice and stops his fussing.

the gang

Here we are. Starting from the left are BJ and Heather Graham. Then Taylor and I with the kiddos. On the right are Annie and Danny Jackson. (Annie being 3 days past her due date, and me 3.5 weeks early...I don't think she liked me very much right then!) Taylor went to High School with everyone here, so I've blessed to get some great friends thru Tate. (Just don't ask who all has dated who!!)

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Here we are at Jack's 2nd birthday party. If you wanna know about fun, just invite a million toddlers to a party at the park!! The kids did have fun though, and that is really what matters!

Awaiting his arrival!

Taylor and I waiting for Fisher's arrival!! As crazy as it probably sounds...I love labor!! There is so much emotion going on in your body. No matter if it's your first or last baby; you will never forget that day!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Boys!!

Here they are; my adorable boys all together. Of course I had to take a picture of this!!

Here we are!

Here is our family of five. It's sorta wierd to think that my Mom had a family of five, me being the middle child, and here I am with my own little family. It's crazy how time really does fly by.